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“The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.” – Don Williams Jr

Holly Holy

I was going to post this after I had uploaded some pics, but that’s not looking to be soon so you will just have to a picture-less post.

Holy Week has always been a favorite of mine, especially in the recent years. This year was different from every other year, but still really great. A few highlights:

Palm Sunday: Palm Sunday I went to mass at the church closest to me (which is not my usual church). It was beautiful, especially since instead of a gospel reading/homily, the teens of the church re-enacted the Passion and did an amazing job. The night was also great since I got to spend time after mass with Brian, Cristi, Lisa, Joseph, Melanie and of course, Molly.

Monday: Monday night was penance service at previously mentioned church. Not much to share from that, except it was good. It was followed by roommate birthday dinner.

Wednesday: Nothing relating to Holy Week that night, but I did go out and have a blast with Brian, Cristi and MP. GOOD TIMES.

Saturday: Saturday morning was spent with some of my all-time favorite people: Amanda, Laura and Joan. Saturday evening was simply beautiful. I went to Vigil in Arlington and got to witness Megan and Kevin’s precious son be baptized, along with several other members of the MBOC. After vigil I was able to spend time with the Sisks, Peredas, Behnkes, and Mr. Kellerman. It was a great end to a great night.

Sunday: Sunday night MP and I hosted a potluck Easter dinner for some Denton friends. It was a lot of fun, but it definitely made me miss the days of Jared’s Easter dinner and all the great Lubbock Easters I’ve had.

So that was pretty much it for Holy Week. In other news, please send up some prayers for my work situation. I am restless and wishing everyday I was in a permanent position — anywhere. I very much feel like the right opportunity is just around the corner, I just need the doors to open. I completely trust that I will land where I am supposed to, and when I am supposed to.

p.s. I will be seeing several of you this weekend at a very special event — I can’t wait!!!!

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Well I Guess This Is Growing Up

I’ve missed writing, so I’m going to start blogging again. Since I’ve been told I am an adult, I guess it’s time for a more grown-up blog. Sorry Xanga, it’s time to move up. Despite your best efforts, you just can’t be as clean and functional as one would hope. Now that I’m in a whole new marketing demographic, it’s time for a more streamlined, efficient, functional space, eg, wordpress.

This is just the intro post. I have a few blog topics in the works that will hopefully go up soon. In a wonderfully symbolic and parallel way, I think I will blog about Holy Week 2008 first. Oddly enough, anytime I see “Holy Week 2008,” I feel a cheesy graphic should accompany it, with some loud, fear-inducing music and a stern newscaster standing in front of charts and graphs. I feel that polls should be taken and analysts should be weighing in on the different aspects of the week. In my head, Charlie Gibson is asking various Bishops about the safe delivery of chrism oil and what the projected numbers are for Sunday mass. If I taught at a religious school, this would definitely be an assignment.

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