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On the Road Again

on April 14, 2008

Sometimes, and I hope to make this more often, I visit a site that generates random writing prompts. You remember writing prompts: those things teachers would put on the board or overhead and tell to you to write five minutes about in an effort to improve your writing simply by having you write every single day. I loved them.

Anyway, I visited tonight and the prompt generated was “where would you go on a road trip if you could go anywhere?” I already knew the answer.

Since the definition of “road trip” would mean that you’re not going over water, I’ll exclude my foreign trip wishlist. Let’s keep confined to the contiguous 48 states.

Several years ago I bought a book called The Summer That Saved Baseball, It was about these two guys who visited thirty baseball stadiums in forty days. Hello, dream trip. Not only would you get to see the country, but thirty baseball games! thirty baseball stadiums! thirty ballpark hot dogs! thirty renditions of Take Me Out to the Ballgame! Oh my. In a perfect world I would take longer than forty days, specifically so that I could see other attractions besides the games, but if that was the only way to do it, then I am ok with it. I would even keep the good ol’ Ballpark in the schedule even though I’ve been there more times than I count (no lie. i worked there for two years). It would be part of the experience.

In the perfect world that lives in my head, this road trip will happen. In the realistic world that I have to live in, I’ve been to five stadiums. 25 to go (well, really it’s six since I went to Arlington Stadium. But also really I have 26 stadiums to go to since I went to the Astrodome but never Minute Maid Park).


3 responses to “On the Road Again

  1. jaredbares says:

    Well, to beef up my numbers I’m going to include Spring Training stadiums as well.

    Surprise Stadium, Surprise, Arizona – Texas Rangers & KC Royals
    Scottsdale Stadium, Scottsdale, Arizona – SF Giants
    Tempe Diablo Stadium, Tempe, Arizona – LAA Angels
    Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, Arlington, Texas – Texas Rangers
    Arlington Stadium, Arlington, Texas – Texas Rangers
    Tropicana Field, St. Petersburg, Florida – Tampa Bay Rays
    Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, California – LA Dodgers
    Astrodome, Houston, Texas – Houston Astros
    Kingdome, Seattle, Washington – Seattle Mariners

    Those are all that I can remember.

  2. Macayla Jo Adams says:

    Gotta answer this

  3. hollisonjourney says:

    Nice Jared. Mine are as follows:

    Arlington Stadium, Arlington, TX – Texas Rangers
    Ballpark in Arlington, Arlington, TX – Texas Rangers
    Astrodome, Houston, TX – Houston Astros
    Oriole Park at Camden Yards, Baltimore, MD – Baltimore Orioles
    Olympic Stadium, Montreal, Canada – Montreal Expos
    SkyDome (now Rogers Centre), Toronto, Canada – Toronto Blue Jays

    If you wanna get technical, I’ve also been to:
    Bricktown Ballpark, OKC, OK – OKC RedHawks (AAA)
    Christensen Stadium, Midland, TX – Midland Angels (now RockHounds, AA)
    Drillers Stadium, Tulsa, OK – Tulsa Drillers (AA)
    DrPepper Ballpark, Frisco, TX – Frisco Rough Riders (AA)

    and that’s all i remember. i’ve driven by a few others, but it wasn’t baseball season.

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