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How To Not Marry A Jerk

on April 30, 2008

This was the title of the Theology on Tap that I attended last night with Amy and Charlene. Side note: it’s pretty hilarious that the three of us went seeing as one of us is single, one of us is engaged and one of us is entering religious life in 3 1/2 months.

A Deacon and his wife were the presenters and their words were based on 44 years of marriage, experience in counseling couples for both pre-Cana and annulment, and the book How To Avoid Marrying A Jerk by John Van Epp. They were a funny, delightful couple and the information was good. I don’t think there were many “aha!” moments for me, but a lot of it confirmed in my head what I already knew. Some of it simply put in words what was already in my head.

Maybe the most interesting part was that we picked up a handout called “Premarital Questions” that had a list of questions you and your intended should know the answers to before marriage. Charlene took pen to paper and circled the ones she and Wally had not yet discussed. Some of the questions included:

How often will they want to go out socially as a couple, on their own, or with their friends?
Do they currently have a savings plan? Do they actually have money saved?
Will they lie if it makes it more convenient for them?
Do they complain often about people, work, or other things?

They also gave us characteristics of a trustworthy partner in a fun acronym:

Mature faith
Adaptable (coping)
Relationship skills
Responsible (work ethic)
Inner confidence
Anger management
Gracious (sacrificial)
Emotionally stable


One response to “How To Not Marry A Jerk

  1. jaredbares says:

    Thankfully Katie and I have gone through the Pre-Cana classes here with Deacon Jessie at the Lubbock Diocese and have been given a seal of approval… crazy, right?

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