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“The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.” – Don Williams Jr

Positive Attitude Diet Day 3: Think only good things about people.

Positive Attitude Diet Day 3: Think only good things about people.

Don’t allow ill thoughts to enter your mind. Look for something you like in everyone you meet. One person might have a great smile, and another one might be extremely dedicated to his work. You can always find
something you like.

Of course, you may think this a rather Pollyannaish activity…especially if you’re working with some very difficult people. No problem. Simply see these people as giving you an opportunity to learn patience and practice assertiveness. That’s something you can like.

I am blessed to be surrounded by people at work and in my personal life who are just freaking awesome. But I’ll admit, negative thoughts sometimes spew from my brain, even towards people I love. I know this affects my mood sometimes and even my attitude. I tried really hard today to not let those thoughts overtake me. At one point I was reminded of something I read in the book Captivated. One of the authors, Staci, was talking about how sometimes she justs get so upset with her husband. Then one day she commanded the negativity out of her, as you would a demon. The feelings went away. I tried to keep that in mind today. The negative thoughts don’t come from above. Only love comes from above. Negative thoughts are used to separate and divide.

This is one that I am probably going to have come back to. Far too often I let negative, judgmental and fear-filled thoughts seep into my brain. I need to remember to drive them out.

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The 4 Day Attitude Diet: Day 2

Positive Attitude Diet Day 2: Affirm yourself.

To build a positive attitude you must remind yourself of past victories. Congratulate yourself on the good you have done and will do. And refuse to let any self-doubt enter your mind. Just tell yourself over and over,
“I am filled with confidence, and I am competent.”

And when you make a mistake, learn the lesson in that mistake and laugh at yourself. In fact people who can’t laugh at themselves are not only more negative, but they’re also more susceptible to cancer, stroke, and heart disease. So laugh… and affirm the fact you’re learning and growing.

Of course you may have some doubts about yourself. But on day 2, literally, consciously feed yourself with positive affirmations. As boxing champ Sugar Ray Robinson said, “To be a champ, you have to believe in yourself when nobody else will.” And Dolly Parton added, “I’m not offended by all the dumb blonde jokes because I know that I’m not dumb… and I also know that I’m not blonde.”

You know this thing is great when it quotes Dolly. Since this one didn’t have a list attached to it, I’ll just write a few things. Day 2 wasn’t difficult for me, which is saying quite a lot since I’m not always my biggest fan. I think the thing that made the difference is that from the beginning one of the things I told myself was that I was where God wanted me to be in life at that moment – or at least I was striving for that. Now, the fun thing about God is that it where I am now may not be where He wants me to be tomorrow, but I trust that I will figure that out. With His help of course. In any case, trusting that as long as I follow Him I will be living my best life, makes it only that much easier to erase any self-doubt.

In the words of Stuart Smalley, even on bad days, “I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me!”

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The 4 Day Attitude Diet: Day 1

On Tuesday, one of my bosses sent us an email about the “4 Day Attitude Diet.” I normally skim over these things before clicking the “x” on the Outlook toolbar, but this one looked interesting. So I’m trying this 4 Day Attitude Diet and I’m sharing the results with my blog-dience.

Positive Attitude Diet Day 1: Fill your mind with positives.

Instead of living your life on autopilot, letting any and all thoughts come into your mind, consciously feed your mind positive input. Do this on the first day of every week, and do it throughout the day. Read
inspirational books; listen to uplifting music, or call an upbeat person. And by all means, avoid the cynics and gripers.

Keep a journal and write down 50 wonderful things that happen to you on Day 1. Include even small things… like finding a quarter on the sidewalk… or a stranger greeting you with a cheerful “good morning.”
After awhile, you’ll realize that most of the things that happen in your life are positive.

OK, 50 things is HARD. I don’t think I could come up with 50 things I did during the day. Seriously. So, here are my 32 wonderful things from today:

  1. Woke up on time
  2. Made healthy choices for breakfast
  3. Got to work on time
  4. Organized and cleaned desk
  5. Completed 4 projects today
  6. Received compliments from my boss
  7. Listened to Catholic Radio during lunch
  8. Subway had my favorite soup
  9. It was a pretty day outside
  10. Made healthy choices for lunch
  11. My favorite sandwich was on sale today!
  12. Was very productive at work
  13. Easy traffic
  14. Got to listen to Father Roderick
  15. Read over some excellent Life Nights for the fall
  16. Got to spend some time outside
  17. Saw Wally for the first time since last Sunday
  18. Saw Charlene for the first time since longer than that
  19. Got to see our teens
  20. Life teen Bible Study
  21. got some quiet time outside
  22. listened to an awesome interview witha guy from “Bella”
  23. hung out with Joe
  24. Cheez Its and Zebra cakes
  25. good discussions
  26. talked to the girls before bible study
  27. beautiful prayers to open and close bible study
  28. making a new friend
  29. Applebee’s!
  30. got to watch episodes of arrested development with joe, wally and charlene
  31. Car rides with Charlene
  32. My roommate is home, even if i haven’t seen her.
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Sweet Sleep

At one of my new favorite blogs, Save The Assistants, posted an article about sleep (below). I thought it was pretty appropriate since I have been thinking about my weird sleep habits recently. What do I mean by weird sleep habits? Let’s look at the past few days:

Friday: Went to bed at 3:30am, woke up at 10:30am. Total sleep time: 7 hours

Saturday: Went to bed at 3:30am, woke up at 8:30am. Total sleep time: 5 hours

Sunday: Went to bed at 6:00pm, woke up at 7:00am. Total sleep time: 13 hours

Monday: Went to bed at 12:30pm, woke up at 6:30am. Total sleep time: 6 hours

Tuesday: Went to bed at 5:30pm, woke up at 5:30am. Total sleep time: 12 hours

What the heck? that’s 43 hours in 5 days. the 12 and 13 hour days are the weird ones. I haven’t been felling so hot, so maybe that’s why, but still: weird.


Buzzword: Junk Sleep

How is it that you manage to get eight hours of shut eye and still be exhausted and groggy all day at work? It turns out it’s not enough to sleep–you need to get the right sleep. The term “junk sleep” means any kind of sleep that isn’t deep and blissful. It could be the half-asleep state you’re in when you read a book or think about your ongoing stresses. It could be sleep where you get interrupted or wake up to adjust temperature, steal the sheets back from your significant other, or go to the bathroom.

What to do? This article gives tips on how to create a sleep routine, which gets your body used to going to sleep at the same time every day.

And this one gives feng shui tips to make your bedroom more rest-friendly.

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Field Day

Last Sunday, our Life Teen did something way fun and totally cool. Starting at 3pm, we had field day. The teens played volleyball and kickball, and then at 5 we had mass outside. After mass, Remnant played. It was a great time. Pics are below. Be sure and watch the video at the end:

One of the best parts? The kids wanted to dump water all over Joe. So they did:

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Zillions and Zillions!

From the random writing prompt files:

“Do you read the articles or just look at pictures?  Write about a magazine you remember having when you were younger.  What lessons did you learn from it?”

Growing up, Mom and Dad let us each have ONE magazine subscription. My sister started out with Highlights, then moved to Seventeen and Cosmo. On the complete opposite spectrum, I started with Zillions, then Dad and I split a subscription to Sport, and then finally Time. Yes. I’m that big of a nerd.

Zillions was amazing. It was a magazine the was produced by Consumer Reports and it had NO advertising. What a concept! I liked reading their product comparisons, they are probably to blame for my lengthy, meticulous, decision making process when it comes to buying things.

I used to keep them all, but I’m sure now they’ve been thrown away.

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They Say It’s Your Birthday…

Saturday marked the 26th birthday of one of my most favorite people – JPK. I’ll admit, part of the reason that I love his birthday is that it means for the next 7 months he can’t harass me for being older than him.

Several of us gathered at Champps for the festivities and watching the Stars game (sadly, they couldn’t give the lovely birthday gift of a win), and then we headed back to my apartment. One of Joe’s favorite desserts is tiramisu, so I made him a mock tiramisu. I had seen the recipe months ago and stored it for his birthday. It did not disappoint! Joe loved it.

Earlier in the evening we had been discussing how we knew several people with May 10th birthdays and Joe brought up the fact that it is a pivotal part of the movie Identity. Oddly enough, my roommate and I have that movie, so Joe, me, Ben, Carrie and Andrea watched it. I’d forgotten how good of a movie it is, though it doesn’t exactly scream “birthday party!” Oh well, it was fun and hopefully Joe won’t die soon.

My camera wouldn’t work in Champps, so here is the pics from the apartment:

I didn’t have birthday candles, so Joe blew out the birthday votive.

Me, Joe, and the amazing cake/tiramisu:

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Q & A

In honor of my first day at my new job, I present this:

Interview Advice For the Interviewer

I’ve been in a lot of job interviews. It took me a year to land my first “real” job out of college and it took 3 months of searching to find the job that would replace. In addition, I hired my own staff when I was editor and helped interview staff when I was managing editor. So here’s some advice based on real life scenarios (some details have been altered to protect identities).

*Don’t forget: you represent your company. Once, I got an interview with a “marketing boutique.” I was kind of excited about it. It sounded trendy, fast-paced, and down right fun. Upping the cool quotient was the fact that the office was based out of the owner’s studio loft apartment in a trendy par of town. I arrived at the apartment at the agreed upon time and knocked. I was greeted by the owner, a woman in cotton shorts and a t-shirt, no makeup, and flip flops. Her apartment was a mess, including the unmade bed in plain sight. Meanwhile, I was in a suit with light makeup and jewelery. The woman was abrasive, blunt, and down right annoying. I suffered through the interview and went home. I never contacted her again. I understand the perks of working out of your house. But seriously? A previously scheduled interview with a potential co-worker and you don’t even change clothes or make your bed?

* If you end up not hiring someone, have the decency to tell them. Not that long ago I interviewed for an office position with a real estate group. The first interview went well and I came back for a second interview. The agent seemed excited and said many times how much she would like to hire me. At the end of the second interview, she even said “I’ll be in touch. I think we’re getting close.” I waited the alloted amount of time and when I hadn’t heard from her, I called and left a message. A few days later I emailed her. Two days after that, I saw the job re-posted on craigslist with the phrase, “We are looking for the RIGHT candidate.” Ouch. My respect for this woman went way down. I can handle not being right for the job. But after two interviews and hints that I WAS right for the job, are you really so cowardly that you can’t tell me you won’t be hiring me?

*When you do hire someone, treat them right. On the first day of one of my jobs, I received flowers and a card from my new co-workers and my boss took me to lunch. Talk about feeling welcomed! Just because I signed my I-9 and W-4 doesn’t mean that my resume isn’t still out there. If I feel that things aren’t working out, I will still be job searching.

* Finally, trust your gut. When I was editor I had a position to fill with two candidates. On paper, staffer A looked better, mainly because she had an extra year of experience. After the interviews though, I felt Staffer B was the best choice. Staffer A came to me the next day and demanded to know why she wasn’t selected. She was upset and I was sympathetic but ultimately, my gut told me which one. I doubted my decision for about two seconds, but I remembered that I had 10 years experience by then – if I felt that Staffer B was the best choice, then I was picking up on something that couldn’t be put on paper.


Shop Til’ You Drop

From the world of writing prompts, here’s another one.

“Where did you shop?” Write about a store you loved to visit as a child.

Honestly, I really only have two distinct memories about visiting stores. One would be visiting the grocery store. There was a Tom Thumb my mom liked to shop at and when my sister and I were little and went with her we loved it because as soon as we walked in the doors we could go straight to the bakery and get a cookie. If I recall correctly, they were usually sugar cookies. But that one cookie made the entire grocery shopping experience worth it. We also loved going with her to Sam’s. Not only did they have samples (yay!) but they had big 32oz soft drinks for 50 cents. So mom would give us $1.50 and we would each get a drink. I’ll admit, I still love the samples and big, cheap drinks at Sam’s. Grocery stores need to bring back the free cookie. For all ages. How great would it be to walk into Tom Thumb, stroll over to the bakery and pick up a cookie. Oh yes. I would certainly enjoy grocery shopping even more. And I already love it a lot!

My other memory is going clothes shopping. Our hands-down favorite place to shop was a store called Chocolate Soup. My mom absolutely loved their clothes and we liked wearing them. There were tons of bright colors and fun appliqués. Mom says she cried the day we got too big for that store (they only sold children’s clothes).

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