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Shop Til’ You Drop

on May 3, 2008

From the world of writing prompts, here’s another one.

“Where did you shop?” Write about a store you loved to visit as a child.

Honestly, I really only have two distinct memories about visiting stores. One would be visiting the grocery store. There was a Tom Thumb my mom liked to shop at and when my sister and I were little and went with her we loved it because as soon as we walked in the doors we could go straight to the bakery and get a cookie. If I recall correctly, they were usually sugar cookies. But that one cookie made the entire grocery shopping experience worth it. We also loved going with her to Sam’s. Not only did they have samples (yay!) but they had big 32oz soft drinks for 50 cents. So mom would give us $1.50 and we would each get a drink. I’ll admit, I still love the samples and big, cheap drinks at Sam’s. Grocery stores need to bring back the free cookie. For all ages. How great would it be to walk into Tom Thumb, stroll over to the bakery and pick up a cookie. Oh yes. I would certainly enjoy grocery shopping even more. And I already love it a lot!

My other memory is going clothes shopping. Our hands-down favorite place to shop was a store called Chocolate Soup. My mom absolutely loved their clothes and we liked wearing them. There were tons of bright colors and fun appliqués. Mom says she cried the day we got too big for that store (they only sold children’s clothes).


One response to “Shop Til’ You Drop

  1. sudsyjoe says:

    This is fun, I think that I might try it.

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