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Hurricane Ike Update

on September 18, 2008

Well, I will attempt to get back in the swing of this thing. I cleaned the house today and that should make it easier (when my room, etc. are a mess, I have a hard time focusing on anything, thus, my writing suffers.)

Unless you just don’t pay attention, you know about Hurricane Ike coming through last weekend. For anyone who doesn’t live in Texas, let me give you a small lesson in what happens in Texas when any sort of weather thing happens: the local media freaks out. They love it. They go crazy with graphics and special reports and via satellites. It’s Christmas, Easter and a couple of birthdays for them. The problem is that they tend to cause extremes with their audience. Some people become paranoid and raid the nearest grocery store for supplies for what is sure to be the end of the world. Some people pay no attention, because the news casters do this every time, but in doing so, fail to heed serious warnings.

I like to think that I am in the middle. I didn’t think that this weekend where I live was going to be bad, so I didn’t change my plans (40mph winds? please. go live in west Texas). I did, however, remove things from my balcony and keep an eye on the news in case things got bad. I was more watching with my relatives in mind.

I have a chunk of my mom’s family scattered around the Houston/Gulf Coast area, about 15 or so currently, I think. None of them live on the island, though I do have an uncle who lives near the channel. On top of that, my grandmother’s house is still on the market in a town near the channel. Most of them evacuated for Rita, but they all stayed this time around, though a few of them left their homes to go to another relative’s home slightly more out of the danger zone. My mom managed to talk to them all by mid-week and everyone is doing fine. Most of them don’t have power, but they have generators. My grandmother’s house has trees in the yard that are now debris, but nothing harmed the house. Her 26-year-old cyclone fence held up nicely, while the wood fences in the neighborhood fell apart (my mom shook her head a few years ago when she saw neighbors putting in wood fences. They are called “cyclone fences” for a reason, people!). Several of my south Texas relatives work for school districts. Two of them have started up again, but everyone else is closed “indefinitely.” My aunt and uncle have to travel about 2 hours for groceries, but they stocked up, so they should be good for awhile.

All in all, we were blessed. 15 people, 11 residences, numerous dogs and cats, and no real damage…just inconveniences. Ike dumped some rain on the north Texas part of the family, but it didn’t stop plans and my grandmother in Lubbock only suffered from no phone line due to Tropical Depression Lowell (bonus points to anyone who even knew that storm dumped 7 inches of rain in flat, dry, no-drainage west Texas).

My heart goes out to those who weren’t as fortunate as we were. Seeing pictures of Crystal Beach made me remember the beach house we used to go to there and left me wondering if it was still standing. I wonder if it will ever reach a point where I have to explain to my kids what Galveston, New Orleans, etc. were like before the storms. It’s been 100 years since Galveston had to rebuild. They can come back again. I just hope Mother Nature lets them breathe a little bit.


One response to “Hurricane Ike Update

  1. Amanda says:

    I’m so glad your family weathered Ike so well. I was thinking of them and praying for them.

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