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“The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.” – Don Williams Jr

If I Were The Big XII Commissioner…

First of all, thank God I’m not.

After hearing 7,000,000,000 different ideas on how to decide who wins the Big XII South three way tie, I decided to see if I could look at some numbers and figure it out.

To begin with, we all know this fact: OU, UT and Tech are all 11-1 teams. Which ultimately means they all are excellent teams. And since the head-to-head-to-head is a vicious circle,  it probably also means that they are similar in talent and excellence. And more likely than not, they each had an “off” day.

So, I decided to compare scores as evenly as possible. There were 4 teams that all three schools played this year (not counting each other): Baylor, Kansas, A&M and OSU. Lining up those stats, it looks like this:

UT Difference OPP OU Difference OPP TTU Difference OPP
Baylor 45 24 21 49 32 17 35 7 28
Kansas 35 28 7 45 14 31 63 42 21
A&M 49 40 9 66 38 28 43 18 25
OSU 28 4 24 61 20 41 56 36 20
TOTAL 157 96 61 221 104 117 197 103 94

What does this tell us?

* Defense/Points Allowed: 1. Texas 2. Tech 3. OU

*Offense/Points Scored: 1. OU 2. Tech 3. Texas

*Difference in scores: 1. OU 2. Tech 3. Texas

Ok, so that doesn’t help tremendously since the three are, once again, all good teams. Though just looking at that, I would say OU should win.

Let’s expand to the whole seasons:

Chattanooga 57 55 2 Fl Atl 52 42 10 E. Wash 49 25 24
Cincinnati 52 26 26 UTEP 42 29 13 Nevada 35 16 19
Washington 55 41 14 Rice 52 42 10 SMU 43 36 7
TCU 31 21 10 Arkansas 52 42 10 Mass. 56 42 14
Baylor 49 32 17 Colorado 38 24 14 KSU 58 30 28
Texas 35 -10 45 OU 45 10 53 Nebraska 37 6 31
Kansas 45 14 31 Mizzou 56 25 31 A&M 43 18 25
KSU 58 23 35 OSU 28 4 24 Kansas 63 42 21
Nebraska 62 34 28 Tech 33 -6 39 Texas 39 6 33
A&M 66 38 28 Baylor 45 24 21 OSU 56 36 20
Tech 65 44 21 Kansas 35 28 7 OU 21 -44 65
OSU 61 20 41 A&M 49 40 9 Baylor 35 7 28
636 338 298 527 304 241 535 220 315

Looking at this:

Defense/Points Allowed: 1. Texas 2. OU 3. Tech

Offense/Points Scored: 1. OU 2. Tech 3. Texas

Difference: 1. OU 2. Texas 3. Tech

So, bottom line….I have no clue. But my gut tells me OU. They dominate their opponent better than Texas in my opinion.

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Belated Thanks

Because I was in Lubbock, I didn’t get the chance to have fun with Amanda‘s Thanksgiving blog. I thoroughly enjoyed it, so I will play along now. Here are her rules:

Thus, I must choose a very specific person/place/thing and list a specific reason for my gratitude. Also, the person/place/thing must be within my range of sight while I blog, and I cannot get up from where I am currently sitting and carry the laptop to another room to find something more interesting.

For reference, I am sitting on my bed in my apartment.

1. Let’s start with the obvious. I am thankful to have a roof over my head, running water that switches from cold to hot whenever I want, lights that turn on and off, and heat and a/c. As I was updating our bill board this morning I was wincing at the numbers, but then I remembered that some people don’t have all of this. I’m grateful I can afford to have it.

2. Lifeteen kids (the affirmation paper with their words on it is on my wall). They are pure joy and make me smile every day. Watching them become young adults with formed minds and caring spirits is amazing.

3. Friends. Right in front of me are several pictures reminding me daily that I truly know some of the greatest people on the planet, and they seem to like me as well.

4. Bookstores and Libraries. Reading engages me like nothing else. Sometimes I can only read on the weekends because I won’t sleep until I’ve finished a book.

5. Diet Dr Pepper. Do I even have to say?

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Letting Go

The past few months have definitely been growing months for me in my faith life. A few months ago came the realization that I was forgetting to take stuff to God; instead I was taking them to my friends. My friends are wonderful people, but they shouldn’t have been number one on my advice/counsel list.

This past weekend though, came another growth spurt. Joe and I went to staff a retreat for my old church. Joe was music guy and i was sound girl (oh my gosh – Music Guy and Sound Girl would be an AWESOME comic book! oh, back to the blog) and we were doing our thing like we have so many times. Saturday night was adoration. Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is exactly that: a time to pray and adore upon a consecrated host, which Catholics see as Jesus: body, blood, soul and divinity.  So adoration begins and I am not more than 20 feet away from the monstrance. Yet, am I kneeling in prayer? reflecting on the power of God? thanking God for my many blessings? No. I’m hovering over my laptop making sure that the lyrics slides are ready because as soon as Father finishes the prayer, Joe will be singing.

And then I stopped. What is wrong with me? The blessed sacrament is RIGHT THERE and I’m huddled over a computer screen. I looked at our song list. Joe’s first song was Better Is One Day. Come on, all these kids know that song. They don’t need words. How often do I keep control and stay so organized and anal that I schedule OUT God? I blacked the projector screen, sat down and began to pray while Joe’s voice filled the room. And you know what? It was ok. Nothing bad happened because the words weren’t up. The ceiling didn’t cave in. OK, I lie, one thing did happen: I strengthened my relationship with God.

I went back and forth the rest of the night; some songs had lyrics and some didn’t. I doubt it took away from anyone’s experience, and it certainly enhanced mine.

Yesterday, before XLT began, I went into the chapel and prayed. Yes, I was about to be involved with a praise and worship night, but let’s face it, at XLT, I am working. I needed that time away from the “job site” to refresh and clear my head.

Do I schedule my life so tight and frantic that I push God aside so I can be in control? Yes.

Am I working on it? With God’s grace, yes.