Hollison Journey

“The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.” – Don Williams Jr

40 Days

Lent is upon us. I’m not going to sit here and explain it, especially if  someone has already done a good job of that.

Instead, this is more about what I am giving up and taking on. I learned in college that it is great to make a sacrifice, but we should also do something to increase our prayer/religious activities/etc.

* No internet after 10pm. This is a big one for me. Too many nights I stay up late looking at dumb stuff online. So, at 10, no more internet. I will be able to work offline on some things. but nothing online. This will be especially hard on Wednesdays and Sundays when I do not get home until after 10pm. It will all have to wait until the morning.

* Pray the rosary once a week.

* Read my lenten devotional book.

What are you doing?

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7 Quick Takes

1. This place (my apartment) is a mess. But it will have to wait until after this weekend.

2. I’m about to go return 3 books to the library. 2 of them I have not read yet. I hate that, but they are due and I don’t want to recheck them because I know I don’t have time in the next two weeks. I’ll check them out again later.

3. I have a small headache, but whenever I think of how it hurts, I think of Maggie who has had a migraine for two years and yet always had a smile on her face (she had surgery a few days ago and the headaches are now gone!)

4. I had to get a new laptop bag because the old one broke and it is amazing!

5. There’s really only one thing on my mind today, so it’s making this difficult.

6. I should be going soon.

7. The word count thing on wordpress is freaking me out.

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Stream of Conscienceness

Sitting at Panera:

* Mango smoothies are good. You should try one.

* “Life is not just a succession of events or experiences: it is a search for the true, the good and the beautiful.” – Pope Benedict XVI

* Lent is coming! Yay!  Marcel put together an awesome blog about Lent. You can check it out here. I hope to talk about this more in the next few days as I prepare for it.

* Sometimes I forget what it is like to just hang out with people. The youth are an example of that. I see them 2-5 times a week, yet it’s always a class or a meeting. Last Friday we had a coffeehouse and it was great jsut to sit and talk and not worry about what come next.

* However, I am extremely excited for this weekend when we have spring retreat!

*If you haven’t seen the YouTube video “Kittens Inspired by Kittens,” go do that now. I’ll wait.

* Magic!

* The Bachelor is starting to oog me out. Grey’s Anatomy is making me mad. Biggest Loser is still making me smile. EM:HE is still making me cry. And I’m renewing my love for GG through DVD’s (though I really need the final two seasons)

* Valentine’s Day 2008 was dinner at Joe’s apartment with Joe and Angela. We had a yummy meal, good wine, and lots of laughs. Then Angela almost went to Oklahoma. Valentine’s Day 2009 was dinner at my apartment with Joe, Angela, and Carrie. We had a yummy meal, good wine, and lots of laughs. I’m liking this pattern.

* I have several books I’m looking forward to reading: Book 3 of the Twilight series, The Ultimate Gift, Friday Night Knit Club, and something else, but I can’t remember the name of it. 🙂


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