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“The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.” – Don Williams Jr

Ol’ Joe

Today is one of my most favorite days – the feast of St. Joseph. He is actually so great, he gets two feast days (May 1st is the other one).

Joseph is known for being silent in the Gospels. But so much is revealed by his actions and by the words spoken about him. A few weeks ago, Tim Staples pointed out that Matthew writes that Joseph was a righteous man (Mt 1: 19) and that doesn’t mean he was a great surfer.

On Catholic radio last week, someone was talking about this very verse and said something I had never thought of before. He theorized that Joseph’s decision to divorce Mary quietly after she was “found to be with child” wasn’t all about sparing Mary from social outcast – it was also about Joesph realizing that something divine was at work and he thinking he needed to step away and let God do His work with Mary. That is why Gabriel was sent – to tell Joseph that he was part of this plan as well.

We may never know if that was Joseph’s thought. We do know however of his obedience. Divorcing Mary would have been obedience to Mosaic law, and taking her into his house was obedience of God. We never hear that Joseph complained or questioned. He just did. He was a man of action and his actions spoke louder than his words. We see it again and again, from his taking Mary to Bethlehem for the Census to fleeing to Egypt to escape Herod.

I have been blessed to know some very special men named Joseph, and while none of them are silent (hehe), they each are definitely men of action who strive for obedience. May they continue to find strength from Saint Joseph.

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Whiskey Echo India Romeo Delta

Pretty much every Sunday after Life Night, members of the Core team go to our local Applebee’s to unwind. The ‘Bee’s is down the street from the church, has cheap specials and has one of the greatest waitresses ever: Kailee.

One night, several of us started discussin the Army Alphabet. Somehow, we started to develop the Chick Flick Alphabet and the Dude Movie Alphabet. And now I share this with the world:

Chick Flick Alphabet:

A – A Walk to Remember
B – Breakfast at Tiffany’s
C – Center Stage
D – Dirty Dancing
E – Enchanted
F – Fame
G – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
H – He’s Just Not In To You
I – In Her Shoes
J – Just Married
K – The King and I
L – Love Actually
M – Mean Girls
N – Now and Then
O – On the Line
P – Princes Diaries
Q – Quinecenera
R – Romeo + Juliet
S – Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
T – Twilight
U – Under the Tuscan Sun
V – Varsity Blues
W – What Women Want
X – Xena (we know – it’s a tv show)
Y – You’ve Got Mail
Z – Zenon

Dude Movie Alphabet:

A – American History X
B – Braveheart
C – Con Air
D – Die Hard
E – Eraser
F – Fast and Furious
G – Gladiator
H – Hulk
I – Iron Man
J – Jarhead
K – Kill Bill
L – Lord of the Rings
M – Matrix
N – Never Say Die
O – Oceans 11
P – Patriot
Q – Quantum of Solace
R – Rocky
S – Saving Private Ryan
T – Terminator
U – Underworld
V – V is for Vendetta
X – X-Men
Y – You Only Live Twice
Z – Zorro

Yeah, we’re strange.

He’s just not into you On the line Love actually Love actually You’ve got mail OR
Hulk Oceans11 Lord of the rings Lord of the rings You only live twice

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5 Months to College Football


My favorite part:

“The word in Lubbock in that Doege might be more talented than even Harrell,”

Ladies and gentlemen, they are are referring to our backup quarterback.


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Monthly Challenge: March

I have decided that in addition to my lenten resolution, I will embark on monthly challenge every month – something that I will carry out every day for 31 days (or 30 days).

March’s challenge is thus: no soda.

Whoa mama is that going to be rough. I have cut back to diet sodas in the past few years, but have not been able to break free of its hold on me. And it certainly has a hold on me. I don’t like water, so my drinks tend to consist of lemonade or soft drinks. To add insult to injury, earlier this week (right before i decided to do this) i bought a 2-liter of Diet Dr Pepper that I rushed to finish last night. So now I’ve just gotten a huge rush of soda and now, no more. I bought some flavored water, so hopefully that will help.

Kaleigh is going to be sad too. Who is Kaleigh? Kaliegh is our waitress at Applebee’s on Sunday nights and she always greets me with a lovely ice cold diet pepsi before I even have the chance to order one. If it’s a busy night, she even brings me a refill cup of just soda to pour into my cup with ice so if I can have a refill even if she hasn’t made it to our table. Now I’m going to have to tell her to give me water.

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