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“The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.” – Don Williams Jr


on April 5, 2009

They say that memory is strongly associated with smell and I think we all have exmples of this. A few months ago, I purchased Method cleaner at Target that was dye and fragrance free. My thought was that it would be a purer cleaner and not use all those chemicals. The problem is – it is odorless. So after I have scrubbed my counters and cleaned for an hour, it doesn’t smell clean. I am so conditioned to associate cleanliness with that fake citrus smell or fake spring freshness smell, that smelling nothing, doesn’t seem clean. So, after I wiped down my counters this morning. I pulled out the Windex with Lime Action and wiped them down again. And then, an only then, did I feel like I had cleaned.


April Challenge update:

April 4: Plastic food containers
Oh my goodness, I have way too many leftover food containers that simply don’t work. Either they are missing a lid or have been warped or whatever. I bring my lunch, so I enjoy containers a lot, but if they don’t work,they are simply taking up space.

April 5: Refrigerator
This was more of a cleaning than a de-cluttering. But it was definitely needed.


One response to “Smell-O-Meter

  1. Angela says:

    we DO need to get together!! im not on facebook until after next sunday but that sounds great. and i would love their contact info! im excited you have a blog…i didnt know! actually last week i looked up our old Xanga hangout…man those were the days…

    hope to see you soon! my schedule is starting to (somewhat) free up starting this week or so, so we all need to hang out. a lot. esp before i leave for the summer…… peace out homie.

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