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“The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.” – Don Williams Jr

7 Quick Takes

A day late and a dollar short, but oh well.

1. I’ve been attending a bible study these past two weeks and I’m not sure what is better: studying the Word of God or smiling/laughing at the kid’s funny antics. (It is within the context of family group, so there are anywhere from 10-20 kids running around and playing while the adults study.)

2. All day Thursday, I thought it was Friday. It was depressing to realize that it was Thursday.


4. I recently got hooked on Heroes. I just wish Season 2 was better.

5. Have you not seen Star Trek yet? Stop reading and go see it now.

6. Isn’t is awesome?

7. Some very big things might be happening soon. Please pray that all works out the way it is supposed to. I will share details later – promise.

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May 20, 1972 – Todays marks the 37th anniversary of the day my parents said “I do.”  And no, nothing is wrong with the picture: my dad really is wearing a blue tux.

I obviously was not there, but from what I know, the wedding was at Covenant Presbyterian in Lubbock (where my grandmother still attends church every Sunday). It was the day of a dust storm, and then it rained later, causing the West Texas phenomenon of raining mud. This detail is only important if you know that the father of my dad’s best friend was wearing a white tux. Yeah.

My dad recently said there were only three things he regretted about the wedding: his tux, the fact that they missed the killer afterparty (at the Koko Inn…yes it was there in 1972 and it was the happening place), and one more that I won’t say here (it has nothing to do with my mom).

Oh yeah, one more interesting thing about their wedding: it took place exactly one week after my mom’s younger sister had her wedding. And it was planned that way. My grandparents were living in Baton Rouge at the time and on May 13, Diane got married in Houston and on May 20, Barbara got married in Lubbock. My mom and aunt still can’t believe their parents agreed to that.

Pat's Surprise 60th 006

In case you were wondering, 37 must be the baklava anniversary, because my parents are in Greece right now.

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12 of 12: May 12

Sorry about the delay. The problem with Tuesday is that it is followed by Wednesday, which is my busy day. To make up for the delay, I will throw in some bonus pics.

But let’s begin with my day on May 12 (due to an unfortunate incident, there are only 11 pictures.)


5:05am – My day begins with a smile from Mr. Sumo and a stern look from the Millenium Eagle (i was given this when I graduated in 2000. get it? get it?)


6:14am – Breakfast time! I wanted to try the new Croissonic. Le Ham, Le Egg, Le Cheese, Le Croissant. Le Yummy.


6:42am – I am fortunate enough to not have to travel on this road to get to work. I just overlook this road once I get to work.


7:05am – I wonder what my daily work stack will bring today?


10:23am – Daily essentials: paperclips, pen, rubberbands, code sheet, grammar tips


11:16am – Lunch time on the 4th floor


1:15pm – Notes of Affirmation during Employee Appreciation Week


5:10pm – waiting for Joe at Love Field


5:52pm – Still waiting for his phone call


8:12pm – Joe speared the fries during the game. He wanted me to get a corndog so he could use chopsticks, but I said the joke wasn’t worth 5.50.


10ish – Rangers win!




Shelby made art!


The air conditioning unit won.


I love these people!


12 of 12

I heard about a cool blog thing and I think I am going to participate. Basically, on the 12th of the month, you take pictures throughout the day and post them on your blog/facebook/website/whatever. Kind of a “Day in the Life” thing.

Since tomorrow is the 12th, I am going to give it a try. Feel free to join me and post a link in the comments so others can see it. Be sure and write captions for the picture and try to include the approximate time the pic was taken.

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