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YouTwitFace version 1.0

on June 6, 2009

You may have seen the sketch on the Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien called “In the Year 3000.” In it Conan predicted that in the future, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook would merge and create “one super time-wasting site called ‘YouTwitFace’.”

This would be awesome. I don’t even Twitter, but between Gmail, Facebook ,YouTube, MySpace (rarely), Google Calendar, and all the other sites Ivisit, I get tired of checking each individual site, so this would be good to combine a lot of them.

Google has already taken the first steps to that. If you sign in to Google, you are directed to iGoogle, which is customizable. I already check my email, calender, rss feeds, and stock prices on iGoogle, so I wondered if I could create a YouTwitFace on iGoogle.

And you can:


(pardon the horrendous paint job. i wanted all personal info blocked out)

Now, there are a few problems. One, I’m not thrilled with the YouTube app. I think there must be a better one. Second, from what I can tell, the Facebook app doesn’t capture every single update. But it does a nice job of letting you flip from your news feed, profile, wall, etc. I don’t have a Twitter (trying to resist yet ANOTHER site to check), so I can’t speak on it’s usability. And honestly, I wish iGoogle would clean up some stuff (stop giving me such a huge banner! I want to see more stuff on the page!)

But overall, not bad. Here’s hoping we don’t have to wait 991 years for this become a better reality.


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