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“The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.” – Don Williams Jr

Strength for the Journey pt. 2

on October 20, 2009

Yesterday I told you about the results for my StregthsFinder test. Today, some reflection:

Interestingly enough, after reading my descriptions and discussion with some people at my table at the retreat, I realized something: I often see my strengths as a burden on others. I feel that I am taking something away from someone when I volunteer to head up an event or plan something. I never think about the fact that there is probably someone in the room thinking, “Oh thank goodness Holly took that!”

It reminded me of the 4th grade. We did a “yearbook” project (see, the fascination began early!) and we had several committees. One of them was called “Predictions.” They had the job of predicting what each 4th grader would be doing in the year 2010 (by the way, this should be a hoot to look at at my elementary reunion next year). We had country music singers, librarians, professional football players, comedians, etc. What did they predict for me?


Yep. Not “Magazine Editor” or “CEO of Bank of America,” just “Boss.” For a long time I’ve looked at that as an insult. The fact that the best thing they could come up with for me was “Boss” made me think that, well, I was bossy. But I realized while talking about my strengths that while there is the possibility I was bossy and annoying in elementary school, maybe what my classmates saw in me was my ability to lead and organize and plan and problem-solve and relate to others and think rationally – all the things you want your boss to do. The reason it wasn’t any more specific was because they saw that no matter what I did, I would be a good leader for it.

Conversely, I can think of a time when I wasn’t a good leader. It had nothing to do with lack of skill or ability. It had everything to do with huge emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental stresses weighing on me. Reflecting on that time, I realize that’s why it’s so important to keep my life balanced and in check. My strengths can only carry me so far. If I as a person am not doing well, my strengths can’t compensate for it. They can’t override my system – at least not for a long time.

What I am working on now is pushing back those feelings and thoughts I get of  “stop taking away from others.” We all have strengths. Right now, the only real “team” I work with is our youth ministry team. We all have gifts and we are all only at our best when we are each able to use our gifts. While I need to be careful and not overshadow anyone, I also need to stop thinking that I am “robbing” anyone of anything by using my strengths.


On a side note, something I found fascinating: you have a 1 in 250,000 chance of meeting someone with the same Top 5 strengths as you. You have a 1 in 3 million chance of meeting someone with the same Top 5 in the same order as you. Is that not AWESOME??? (p.s. I need to go fact check those numbers…sheet is in the car. But I’m pretty sure they are right).


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