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β€œThe road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.” – Don Williams Jr

Praise and Worship Wednesday: Thankful

Thankful by Caedmon’s Call

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7 Quick Takes: November 20, 2009

1. I am listening to Disney Pandora station today…and I am L-O-V-I-N-G it!

2. Moving is going slowly. I’ve got most of my boxes out of storage, but I am having trouble finding people help me move the big stuff. I was hoping to do that tomorrow, but it looks like it’ll just be me and Dad the day after Thanksgiving doing it. 😦

3. I’ve been tired a lot this week. Maybe it’s the constant moving. Maybe it’s just my body needing some recharge time. Maybe it’s the fact that I am less than a month from being 28.

4. Speaking of me being almost 28, earlier this week someone told me they thought I was one of the high schoolers. Oh, that made me happy!

5. Another side effect of being busy is that I haven’t read a lot recently. I just got some new books from Mom and Dad, so hopefully I will find some time soon. Maybe once I’m in my new place and don’t have to move things everyday.

6. Last Friday I went home and learned from my Mom how to make the enchiladas that we all love and that has no written recipe. My mom learned how to make them by watching her mom, who learned by watching her dad. So now I’m a fourth-generation enchilada maker. That makes me happy. I can’t wait to make them for people.

7. What are your plans for Thanksgiving? I will be at my parent’s house eating with Mom, Dad, Sara, Clarence, Nanny, Marci and Boney. Believe me, a TV network should be at my house Thursday to capture all the laughs. But as much fun as it will be, I still miss the days of having Thanksgiving in Pasadena/Baytown with Mom, Dad, Sara, Grandma, Uncle Don, Aunt Marian, Uncle Frank, Gary, Cathy, Kevin, Stacey, Frank, Susan, Kyle, John, Nicholas, and assorted others. Those were the best.

Go visit Jen at ConversionDiary.com for more Quick Takes!

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Praise and Worship Wednesday: Diamond in the Rough

Diamond in the Rough by Jennifer Knapp

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7 Quick Takes: November 13, 2009









1. Are you superstitious about Friday the 13th? I am not. And so far today, nothing bad has happened. Knock on wood. (See, it’s funny ’cause….)

2. I got an e-mail this morning saying that my priest from college, Fr. Jim, was being named Monsignor! (If you don’t know, Monsignor is an honorary title given to priests by the Pope). Fr. Jim is a wonderful man and was the priest who heard my first confession, confirmed me and gave me my first Eucharist when I converted almost 5 years ago (!). He completely deserves this honor as he is a great leader of a thriving University parish. Congrats Fr. Jim!

3. My friend Carrie and I have found a place to live and are slowly starting to move in (as in, I have brought over one carload of things.) This is of course wonderful news, but is also a little sad because I have really enjoyed my current living situation and I am sad to leave it.

4. I have a “real” blog post in my head, I hope to be able to work on it this weekend.

5. Last night turned out way differently than I thought, and I thought I would share the story. Originally I was to have a meeting at 5 and then go to the local high school performance of Peter Pan (one of our teens is in it). I got to the school a little before 7 and saw that one of our other teens was an usher. He told me that the doors to the theater would open at 7. I stood in the hall and met up with some other church folks. A little after 7, I heard someone say they were having some technical difficulties. We continued to stand. (in the midst of this, there was a small medical emergency for someone in line that required the fire dept. to come out, but they are ok). At about 7:35 or so, the director came out and announced that the light board had “melted” and they only had two options: 1 – do the play with all lights up, meaning cutting a lot of special effects, or 2 – let everyone swap tickets for another performance/get their money back and they would add a performance. Since I can’t go any other time, I got my money back and then Wally and Charlene came over to visit. The night ended well, but it was bizarre.

6. It’s 9:01am and already today, two people have told me that I made them giggle. I like that word.

7. Weekend plans: Go to parent’s house tonight, Lauren’s wedding shower tomorrow (yay!), LT Coffee House Sat night, Mass and Life Night on Sunday, and hopefully finding some time on Sunday to move some more stuff in. What are you up to this weekend?


Praise and Worship Wednesday: Something Beautiful (Newsboys)

Something Beautiful by Newsboys

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7 Quick Takes: November 6, 2009










I didn’t do this last week because I got busy and forgot. But never fear, 7 Quick Takes is back this week!

1. This morning before work I got to go meet sweet Elisabeth Grace, the newborn baby of my friends Joseph and Melanie. Ellie is their second daughter and is just as precious as her big sister Molly. It was wonderful to sit and visit with Joseph and Melanie and to hold Ellie. What a great way to start the morning!

2. Tuesday nights are fast becoming a favorite of mine. A group of about 12 of us young adults are meeting every Tuesday to participate in our Diocesan-wide program, Why Catholic? (well, it’s not that our diocese created it, it’s just that everyone in our diocese is participating). We have dinner together and then our discussions. It’s wonderful to get to know these people better and we have lots of laughs and fun. Plus, we have some amazing food.

3. This week I had the opportunity to speak at two different RCIA classes and share my story. It was really nice to share and to also see that others related from my experience. Hard to believe it was only 4-5 years ago that all that was going on!

4. I’m on a podcast! Well, I will be on a podcast when it gets posted. My friends Brian, Abby and Kevin have a bi-weekly podcast (well, close to bi-weekly) called “What Would Jesus Podcast” that is about Catholic young adults in North Texas (really ANY Catholic young adult, they just happen to live in North Texas so that’s the reference point). Since Brian and Abby and I went to the Young Adult Retreat a month ago (that I mention here and here), we decided to do a podcast about it. Brian is editing it and hopefully it will go up soon. You can find their podcast on iTunes or at Brian’s site, ComicEarth.com I’ll update when it’s up there. It will be episode #6, but all of them are good. I’m actually referenced on the first episode because I was at Brian’s house when they were recording.

5. It’s happened again. I got the creative bug. We’ll see if my two new projects turn out like they are in my head. If so, I’ll share. If not, then oh well.

6. Tomorrow is my third class in School of Lay Ministry. It’s actually my second to attend because of Fall Retreat, but I heard the audio recordings of October’s class, so it’s like I was there. πŸ™‚ Tomorrow is 6 hours of Theology. I am excited!

7. If you haven’t seen The Boyfriend Quiz that my high school girls came up with, you should. It’s hilarious.

(click on the picture above and visit Jen at ConversionDiary.com to read more 7 Quick Takes!)


The Boyfriend Quiz

Last week in WOW (Women of Wisdom), the girls were discussing a friends potential boyfriend and started saying that they would “have to approve” of him. I asked them what were they looking for when “approving” a friends boyfriend. They discussed different standards. I encouraged them to write these down. This week, they did, however, it isn’t quite as elegant as when they said it. I would like to make it known that I suggested that some of these be phrased differently, but in true teenager-style, they did not listen to me.

I also made the point that they should hold themselves to these standards.

The good news is that if they (and the boys they are interested in) do this honestly, we can expect a convent full of nuns in a few years. Here it is:


1. Does he believe in God?
2. What is the age difference between the two?
3. What are his boundaries?
4. Does he respect all life and people?
5. What are his grades like?
6. Can he cook?
7. What is his hygiene routine like?
8. Does he keep his room clean?
9. What are his relationships with parents/family like?
10. What are his friends like?
11. Does he drink/smoke/do drugs? Then drive after?
12. What are his goals in life? How will he make them happen?
13. Will he keep past relationships in the past?
14. Are his thoughts, words, and actions appropriate?

15. How does he feel about PDA?
16. Is his language appropriate?
17. What are his talents?
18. What is his relationship with God like?
19. Does he gossip? If yes, what about?
20. Would he put you in a bad situation at a party or anything?

21. What are his morals and values?
22. Would he defend your dignity and his and everyones?
23. Does he love you for you?
24. Would he ever try to change you?
25. Must be pro-life. He is? Ok…..good.

The end. ❀ WOW


#19 kills me. and led to this discussion:

Me: “Maggie, on #19, why did you put “if yes, what about?” Isn’t that gossiping?”
Maggie: “Well, he could gossip about things that aren’t people. Like animals. Or global warming.”

Did you hear about the ozone layer? Shhhhh. It’s a secret.


I love you girls.




Praise and Worship Wednesday: Forever Yours

Forever Yours by Popple

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No Soda November

No-Soda-727300Ok, I’ve heard it all. All the bad stuff soda does for you. And I haven’t cared. (FYI, I am from Texas. We call all soda the nickname for Coca-Cola. All of it. Even though I hardly ever drink Coca-Cola products, it is still called that. However, to avoid confusion and hopefully avoid weird Google searches, I will call it soda.)

But lately, I’ve been working on a list of things that I want to do in 2010 (more on that later). And one of the items was to go a whole month and not drink any soda. As I looked over that requirement, I decided to give it a try early. Since November was next up, it seemed as good as any of time to do this.

Full disclosure, I forgot it was November on Sunday and had some soda. But since Monday, nothing. Since these are my rules, I deem this slip ok. πŸ™‚

So what will I be drinking this month? Mostly what I will have is stuff I already drink, it will just replace the soda when I did drink that:

– Coffee (all doctored up)
– Milk (a favorite)
– Water (hardly a favorite. I need to have it flavored.)
– Peach tea (new favorite)

I’ve never been a fan of tea, but I do enjoy Peach tea. This is encouraging me to try others. We’ll see how that goes. The hardest time will probably be Wednesday/Sunday night’s when the team goes to Applebee’s and I usually order a Diet Pepsi. I have noticed that the Bee’s has Mango Iced Tea, so I’ll try that next time. Now I have to get the waitstaff accustomed to my new drink order. Yes, we go often enough that multiple waiters know my drink order. I think I’m up to 6 waiters knowing me. No, I am not ashamed. πŸ™‚

Actually, that reminds me of a pretty funny story. Down in College Station, there is a chicken place (Laine’s? Layne’s? Someone help me!) that is popular. When Rudi and I went to visit Rachel and Marcel, we had lunch there with Marcel and he told us about a kid named Ben. Ben ate their all the time, and even set a record for number of times eating there in a month. He always ordered the same dinner and a Dr Pepper (cause he is brilliant!). For Lent, he decided to give up Dr Pepper. The staff at Laine’s/Layne’s/whatever posted a sign behind the counter that read:

“Ben has given up Dr Pepper for Lent. Please serve him water.”

Now that is talent.


P.S. I may not have gotten 100% of the details right on that. But I am close.