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The Boyfriend Quiz

on November 5, 2009

Last week in WOW (Women of Wisdom), the girls were discussing a friends potential boyfriend and started saying that they would “have to approve” of him. I asked them what were they looking for when “approving” a friends boyfriend. They discussed different standards. I encouraged them to write these down. This week, they did, however, it isn’t quite as elegant as when they said it. I would like to make it known that I suggested that some of these be phrased differently, but in true teenager-style, they did not listen to me.

I also made the point that they should hold themselves to these standards.

The good news is that if they (and the boys they are interested in) do this honestly, we can expect a convent full of nuns in a few years. Here it is:


1. Does he believe in God?
2. What is the age difference between the two?
3. What are his boundaries?
4. Does he respect all life and people?
5. What are his grades like?
6. Can he cook?
7. What is his hygiene routine like?
8. Does he keep his room clean?
9. What are his relationships with parents/family like?
10. What are his friends like?
11. Does he drink/smoke/do drugs? Then drive after?
12. What are his goals in life? How will he make them happen?
13. Will he keep past relationships in the past?
14. Are his thoughts, words, and actions appropriate?

15. How does he feel about PDA?
16. Is his language appropriate?
17. What are his talents?
18. What is his relationship with God like?
19. Does he gossip? If yes, what about?
20. Would he put you in a bad situation at a party or anything?

21. What are his morals and values?
22. Would he defend your dignity and his and everyones?
23. Does he love you for you?
24. Would he ever try to change you?
25. Must be pro-life. He is? Ok…..good.

The end. ❤ WOW


#19 kills me. and led to this discussion:

Me: “Maggie, on #19, why did you put “if yes, what about?” Isn’t that gossiping?”
Maggie: “Well, he could gossip about things that aren’t people. Like animals. Or global warming.”

Did you hear about the ozone layer? Shhhhh. It’s a secret.


I love you girls.




4 responses to “The Boyfriend Quiz

  1. Emily Curran says:

    Wish I was there!
    Some day, I’ll start a blog. Even if they’re time consuming. : )

  2. Amanda says:

    hahahaha! Their list cracks me up, but it’s great. 🙂

  3. michelle says:

    This is so great! I think you’re right about the convent of nuns. Really though, what are the odds.
    I would love to flash ahead and see the men these young women end choose for their mates!

  4. darcy says:

    haha and this all had to start just because i got a boyfriend. i will admit it was entertaining though

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