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Quick Takes: December 11, 2009

on December 11, 2009

Whee! I’m back! (in the sense of 7 Quick Takes). Let’s see what I can come up with this week:

1. My car has been pretty much a pain these last two weeks. I think I already talked about it earlier this week, but dang.

2. I HOPE to get 100% moved in this weekend. I’m taking a carload over tonight, spending the night there, then making another trip on Sunday (Saturday is busy with several things). The irony is that Carrie has been desperate for me to stay the night there and the first time I will be doing it, she will be in Virginia. Looks like Sunday night will be our first time in the apartment as roommates.

4. When I say moved in, I actually mean “all of my stuff under the roof.” We still have plenty of boxes all around and I have lots to unpack. What’s my motivation? The fact that we are hosting not one, but TWO parties next weekend. Oh, and I’ll be gone most of the weekend at my parent’s for a family thing, arriving back just in time for the parties. So, all my stuff  has to be in presentable fashion by Friday night. Did I mention that next week I have events/activities/meetings on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night? Yeah, this will be fun.

5. Last night I had to giggle. I’m on Parish council and we had our Christmas party/December meeting at the home of one of our members. It struck me as funny that on  Wednesday night I was confessing my sins to our priest at our parish penance service, and on Thursday night, he was refilling my wine glass. I giggled in my head so he wouldn’t think I was weird. (pretty sure he thinks that anyway).

6. The youth minister and a couple of the teens (well, one of them) have been writing a song about me. Lord help me. The verses I’ve seen are, well, special. One of them isn’t entirely truthful, but the non-truthful part makes it rhyme. I haven’t decided whether I’m going to let it go or see if they can make it correct and still rhyme.

7. Ok, I have to post this. I read the Cake Wrecks blog and they are doing something pretty neat. Over the next 14 days, Jen and her husband John are donating $200 each day to a different charity or cause. They are challenging their readers to donate $1 a day. I think I might participate. I mean, $14 isn’t bad at all. Full disclosure, I don’t promise to donate to every charity/cause that they do. There are certain causes that I can not support. But, if one of them is no the list, I will donate a dollar to another charity/cause.

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One response to “Quick Takes: December 11, 2009

  1. Melanie says:

    I like your priest story! Last night, we went to Mass at 6:30 in the evening and there wasn’t anyone in line for Confession. I thought, “well, hey, I can take my time and Father Longua can take his time and I can get some great counseling!” So I went. After confessing my sins (which I do behind a screen…that’s what makes this story funny), Father began his counseling with, “Well, how is your prayer life. I know you just had the baby and all….” Ugh, why do we have to be friends with our priest??? Busted! Oh and about five minutes later, as I played with Molly outside before Mass, he came up and started playing with her, too. Can I just say that there should be a Canon Law against priests having interaction with a penitent within about 10 minutes of said penitents confession to said priest? Talk about awkward!

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