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“The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.” – Don Williams Jr

Quick Takes: December 18, 2009

on December 18, 2009

1. My birthday was Tuesday and it has been a blast this week. Last night was the family celebration and we had delicious Italian food, including to-die-for Tiramisu! From my parents I got some new bedding (desperately needed and wanted) and they framed my college degree. Yes, it’s been 5 years since I graduated. When I graduated, we didn’t do it, and over the years I’ve just needed to spend that money elsewhere. So, it has sat in the portfolio it came in (a very nice one by the way – Tech does good in that department). But it is nice to have it in a frame and it will be nice to hang it on the wall over my desk.

2. My car saga continues…in addition to Tuesday being my birthday, it was also the day that I put down a deposit to get my car fixed. Yeah, that’s right, the repairs are so expensive they required a deposit to order the parts. Now I just have to wait for the part to come in. No word yet, but I think early next week is when I will get the call.

3. I’ve decided to learn guitar. Carrie has an extra one that she is letting me use, and of course I have lots of great teachers (aka friends). In the past two days I have learned three chords fairly well. Which means there are a few songs I can play. Slowly. But that’s ok. I do need to speak to one of my teachers about strumming. I know all the chords to the verse of a favorite song (one more chord and I can do the whole thing), but it doesn’t sound right. It’s because of the strumming, but I haven’t figured that out yet.

4. The cold is finally here. I don’t mind cold weather at all, as long as it is not snowing or iceing. And when I say cold, I mean 50s. 40s. Anything lower than that, I am not a fan of. I don’t know how you Yankees do it.

5. One week til Christmas! Zero shopping has been done! Yay!

6. Moving update: I still have a few items at my former residence. I am picking those things up today. Then everything will be in my new place. In terms of unpacking, well, there’s still a little bit to go. By a little, I mean a lot. I’m going to do what I can tonight and then the rest might just get shoved in my closet for our Sunday parties.

7. Speaking of parties, and family, tomorrow night is the family Christmas party with my mom’s family. I LOVE THEM. Seriously, they are the best. A few years ago my cousins decided that those of us in the DFW area should get together before Christmas. We’ve done it every year since, rotating homes. However, it is no longer just the DFW people. This year we have 6 coming in from Houston, 2 from Austin and I think 5 from other places (not entirely sure). It will be something like 25 – 30 people at my parent’s house. And we will be eating yummy El Paso food (my grandmother and her siblings were born and raised in El Paso and several of my cousins lived there also). I’m so excited!

Have a great week and check out more quick takes at www.conversiondiary.com


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