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Seven Quick Takes: Feb. 12, 2010

on February 12, 2010

I haven’t done this in a few weeks – though I’m sure no one noticed! So, what’s going on in my world:

1. Fridays have become great days for me! A few weeks ago my boss came back from a conference with the idea to close the office an extra day of the week. It’s supposed to be good for the environment cause we won’t be running electricity and lights and heat and blah blah blah, but all I really care about is getting a three-day weekend EVERY WEEK! I didn’t lose hours, we just adjusted them to fit within the other 4 days, plus a few hours on Friday of telecommuting. So yes, I do still work on Fridays, I just get to do it in pajamas! It’s nice to have a 2 person office!

2. I got a new phone! My old one was ok, it had a few wonky keys, but when my friend got an iPhone, and offered me his BlackBerry, I decided to go for it. Even better, his phone had a crack in it, so before he gave it to me, he traded it in (yay for phone insurance) and they upgraded him! So, I now have a brand-new BlackBerry 8530. It’s pretty sweet. Just taking me some time to get used to BlackBerry. I’ve always had a Samsung or an LG, so I have to rethink where things are.

3. My favorite feature of the phone so far? Agenda calendar view. I’ve never used electronic calendars before because I’ve never been a fan of seeing one day at a time. But this phone not only lets me look at my events in Agenda view, but in some themes, I can have my agenda on my phone’s home screen. So nice to look at my phone and see the next 4 things I’m doing.

4. My goals for 2010 are going well, despite my lack of updating the Goals page. I’ll try to do that soon.

5. Anyone see the nuns on Oprah? I did not, but I’ve liked the clips I’ve seen. Yay for vocations!

6. Confirmation class has started up again and it is so fun! The teens are hilarious and this year, I have the awesome honor of being a sponsor for one of them. She asked me the day before classes started and I am thrilled! I have never been someone’s sponsor and I am excited to help her on this journey and be a part of her spiritual life. She is an awesome kid and I’ve already seen her come so far just in the past year or so that I have known her. Now if only we could get a Confirmation date…

7. The BIG part of my life right now is this weekend: Spring Retreat 2010! Woo! Last year’s retreat was SO fun and I think this year might top it. Our Spring Retreat is supposed to be low key. We hold it at people’s homes and don’t charge a lot and don’t do a lot of bells and whistles. All this adds up to lots of kids wanting to come. So, Saturday and Sunday, I will be at a friends house with 32 high school girls. Yeah. 32. The first retreat I went on with this church has 20 teens, boys and girls. This year, we have 32 girls and 20 boys. Holy Moly. We should have a lot of funny stories and pics soon. Pray for us.

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4 responses to “Seven Quick Takes: Feb. 12, 2010

  1. Amanda says:

    I noticed!

    And I love my Blackberry, too, but I’m still addicted to my paper calendar…I think it’s the 19th century in me. 😉

    The church Joshua went to down in Waco had their church in an old Safeway, and their offices were in part of the strip center next to the church itself. That way, during the week, they only used the office space and not the church building. Smart, huh?

  2. Emily Curran says:

    i saw the nuns on Oprah! hahah, my mom was watching it when we got home from school, so i watched a few minutes of it. coolness!
    who are you the sponsor of?! that’s awesome! 🙂 and i’m sooooo excited for tomorrow woot woot! it’ll be crowded, but so much fun!

  3. nicole says:

    I will be praying for the retreat, I’m sure it will be fantastic. I sometimes miss my time with teenagers.

  4. Rae says:

    Your spring retreat sounds like it is perfect for including as many as possible. You’ve got my prayers!

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