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“The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.” – Don Williams Jr

New Restaurant #1

on February 23, 2010

Goal #10 – Go to 12 restaurants I have never been to.

I think it must be a law that every town has an Italian restaurant named Napoli’s. Seriously. What’s interesting to me is that they are not all connected to each other.

Anyway, there is one in my town and I have never been. Which is semi-shameful, since the young adult group I am a part of goes there every Thursday night and has been doing that for the last couple of months (before Christmas, easily). Which means I haven’t gone to this group in that amount of time. Whoops.

I finally got to go on Friday with the rest of the volunteers in the youth ministry program. We had weekend retreat/reflection/whatever and we kicked it off with a dinner with the youth minister and the person leading our retreat.

First of all, oh my goodness the bread. So yummy! Since there was so many of us, everything took a little longer and the bread was a big hit. It is also ridiculously yummy. Maybe not quite as good as the gold-standard-of-all-Italian-food-bread at Zuko’s, but good. 🙂

I ordered the Lobster Ravioli and oh my, is it ever tasty. There is a line in Gilmore Girls where Lorelai tastes a sauce that Sookie makes and says “I wanna take a bath in that sauce!” And that’s exactly what came to mind when I had the sauce.

I was so full I didn’t have dessert, so I can’t even comment on that. But I really enjoyed it and hopefully will get to go there more when I finally have the time to join the Thursday night group!


One response to “New Restaurant #1

  1. nicole says:

    Considering how close that place is to my house, you would think we had been there. But no. Now I really want to try it. Thanks for the review! 🙂

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