Hollison Journey

“The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.” – Don Williams Jr

Weekend Update

5 tidbits of my weekend:

1. We got new couches! And I didn’t have to lift a finger or pay a cent! A friend at church was in position to get rid of a couch and a loveseat, and since we have neither, she offered them to us. Two of the teens helped and they delivered the couches to my apartment and brought them upstairs. Of course, not without excitement – while driving over, the couches flipped off the trailer. There is surprisingly little damage and once the boys come back over tomorrow to fix something, they will be good as new.

2. I took advantage of a relatively quiet weekend with no roommate (though I missed her) and did a lot cleaning and laundry and organizing. The thing that I hated is that I didn’t get 100% done, but I’m really close. This weekend is low key as well, so I might be able to finish up then.

3.My weekend started early on Thursday night with a little Girls Night. Fruit, chocolate, wine, Steel Magnolias, and laughter. Oh, the good life.

4. I spent 5 hours in a meeting yesterday with 6 other people. That might not sound like fun. But it was pretty darn awesome. It helps that the meeting was split up – 2 hours to begin, then a window of 4 hours, then the remaining 3 hours. So much laughing and so much Holy Spirit.

5. Quote of the weekend: “Uh, I get the impression that adult relationships are a little bit different than teen relationships.” – JBS.  Yes. And no. All at the same time.

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Restaurant Roundup

Didn’t think I was going to this long between posts, but that’s what happens sometimes 🙂

I’ve been to several new restaurants in the last few weeks, so I thought I would share.

The Chestnut Tree Garden Tea Room- Denton, Texas

My mom came into town a few weeks ago for a church meeting and we were able to have lunch. We took advantage of my dad not being there and went to a very “girlie” place: The Chestnut Garden Tea Room. Definitely not something my father would enjoy, my mom and I really liked it. It’s a very cute and charming place and the lunch was good. I had a sandwich and fruit and soup and it was all good. They were very busy, but we had fairly fast service.

Mama Juanita’s – The Woodlands, Texas

I went and visited my aunt and cousin in Conroe, and within 20 minutes of arriving at my aunt’s house, we were sitting at Mama Juanita’s (the location in The Woodlands is actually closer to their house). The decor reminded me of Mercado Juarez and the food was awesome. We all had the shrimp enchiladas (I love Houston seafood!) and chips and queso and sopapillas. There was live music too: a guy playing guitar and singing. He played everything from Willie Nelson to the Battle of New Orleans.

Crabby Daddy – The Woodlands, Texas

The next day, before I headed over to Katy, my cousin and I had lunch at Crabby Daddy. Again, I simply love Houston seafood. I had a shrimp and catfish Po’ Boy. It is so easy to keep Meat-Free Fridays when you are in Houston. This place was really crowded and things took a little longer than they should have, but it was good, so all is forgiven 🙂

Hinze’s BBQ – Sealy, Texas

After setting up for the retreat, the team went down the road to Hinze’s BBQ to get some…catfish. Gotta love going to a BBQ place on a Meat-Free Friday! (although, according to the reviews on the website I linked, we got the better meal). It was pretty good catfish, but not memorable.

Los Cucos – Katy, Texas

After the retreat ended, the team went to Los Cucos for lunch. Again, I ordered shrimp chimichanga. (Have I mentioned that I like seafood? Especially the kind that comes from Houston?) The place was fun and festive and a great place to wind down from retreat.