Hollison Journey

“The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.” – Don Williams Jr

To All The Things I’ve Loved Before…

on April 12, 2010

Hold on to your hat, I’m going to start a blog series.

I’m such a theme person, it shouldn’t be surprising. I blame yearbook. Even our non-theme years had an underlying subtle theme (which is exactly what you should do in those circumstances).

Anyway, before I get swept up and start giving yearbook lessons on here, let’s get on with it.

This week, I am going to have a 3-part series on things that I used to love, fell out of love and am trying to rekindle that spark. I thought of these things recently and decided to write about them. So check in on Tues., Wed. and Thurs. and enjoy. Or don’t. It’s up to you.


One response to “To All The Things I’ve Loved Before…

  1. nicole says:

    I won’t have time to read on Thursday! You must fill me in when I see you. 😉

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