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“The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.” – Don Williams Jr

Ex-Love #1

on April 13, 2010


Oh you sweet, sweet game.

First date: I don’t remember when I started loving baseball…I can’t remember not. My dad played softball for years (as in 30+) with our church team, so much of my life in the spring and in the fall was spent at softball practice or at softball games. I was born in December, so when practice started up in Feb or March, mom and dad would take me to the field. And of course, Dad watched baseball on t.v., so I had it there too. The first sport I played was soccer, but I gave that up at age 8 to play softball. I joined the local girl’s league and my love grew. Now I was at my own softball practices and games, plus my dad’s, plus my sister’s. The Rangers became my team (yes, because they were local). I remember going to games at Ranger Stadium and cheering on Dean Palmer.

Courtship: There came a time, somewhere in middle school and high school, where I became very much in love with the sport. I watched every Ranger game I could. I knew all of the players and could probably give you the starting lineups for most teams in MLB. I had memorabilia and autographs books and thought that the best way to spend a Saturday was to watch This Week in Baseball and then the Saturday noon game on Fox. I have distinct memories of staying up late with my dad to finish watching a game, including the 90s game of Rangers vs. Baltimore where the Rangers scored something like 27 points. Dad and I had to silently celebrate  each and every run because it was past midnight and my mom was asleep.

The Breakup: Two things caused me to stop loving the game as much (and no, the strike had nothing to do with it). One was college. I moved to a town that had no professional team, which meant interest in games was lower. It was hard to watch a game because there was maybe only one or two games on t.v. a week. Plus, I was a busy college student and this was before TiVo and DVR’s and Hulu. I didn’t have time to tape the games and watch them later. Of course this only applied in the months of April, May, September and October. June, July and August should have been fine. Which brings me to reason number two: I worked for the Rangers in the summer. Pretty ironic that working for them broke me from loving the sport, but it did. Not in a “don’t work at a restaurant you love, you’ll end up hating the food” kind of way;” I still loved the sport. The problem with working for the Rangers is that you never get to see the games. Home games meant I was at the Ballpark, running around, working, catching a glimpse of the game here and there, but never seeing the whole thing. Even on the night when work finished in the 7th inning, I wanted to beat the traffic and get home, not stay around and then spend an hour getting out of the parking lot. Away game days, I was catching up on the school work and activities I had slacked off on home game days. The end result was two of the funnest summers I’ve ever had, but almost zero games watched. The other two summers of college, I stayed at my university, again, not able to watch a lot of games. The next thing I knew, an old friend was asking me what I thought of this year’s Rangers team and I realized I didn’t even know who the players were!

It’s been that way ever since. I pay attention, I’ve even attended a few games since college, but my love and passion hasn’t fully returned.

The Reconciliation: This year, that’s starting to change. I’m playing Fantasy Baseball with my dad and some of his friends, so I need to pay attention to win. I work in a job that allows me to listen to day games and while I will miss some of the night games, there will be a lot that I can watch. I’m attending a game in two weeks, which will probably put me right back in the spirit. I can feel it. I’m ready to love the great summer game once again.


One response to “Ex-Love #1

  1. nicole says:

    Love this! Baseball is the #1 sport in our house. We love, love, love it. I hope the reunion is a smooth one. 😉

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