Hollison Journey

“The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.” – Don Williams Jr

Lubbock or Leave It

on May 28, 2010

This past weekend I went to Lubbock with my dad to visit my grandmother, Nanny (his mother). Nanny is 87 years young and delightfully crazy. She is the most active person I’ve ever known and keeps a busier social calendar than most college students. She is also the friendliest, nicest, most hospitable person on the planet. For her last birthday, she got 37 birthday cards. Thirty-seven. Her friends threw her three surprise parties (though it’s debatable among the family if they were actually surprises, or if she just forgot about them).

Anyway, I hadn’t been to Lubbock since August 2009, so when Dad asked me if I wanted to join him I said “yes! it’s been too long!” (just like Wolf Chili!)

After an eventful morning (don’t even ask), Dad and I left at noon and arrived in the 806 around 5. Just in time to relax a little bit and then head to one of my favorite hot spots: Rosa’s. Now, let me say this about Rosa’s. There are many locations in the DFW area. And even though they all have the pink and blue paint and all have the Taco Tuesday deal, it just isn’t the same. So, I got my combination nachos and my Dr. Pepper.

Joseph P. was in town from SA and so he came over later that night and after dessert, we went to Sugarbrown’s for coffee. Where we ran into Lisa and Joseph A.! (Yes, there are a lot of Joseph’s from the CSA group. Off the top of my head, I can name 8). After coffee in the Bronco patio, we went to the cathedral for adoration. I love that the cathedral in Lubbock is smack dab in the middle of a neighborhood (Nanny’s neighborhood, actually). I love that it has 24/7 adoration. Good thing we ran into Joseph A., cause CTK finally put a lock box on the adoration door and JRP and I didn’t know the code!

Saturday was low key. Breakfast and lunch at the house. An outing to the park and the Palacios house in the afternoon with JRP and Miss Ava. Dinner at Nanny’s. Cable television.

Sunday morning I got up early to go to mass at the Cathedral. Too bad I remembered the time wrong and showed up in the middle of the gospel! Whoops. I stayed to the end, returned to Nanny’s and had an omelet (one of my Dad’s specialties), and then the three of us went to Nanny’s church. Going to that church is like going to a family reunion. My parents were married there (and were members for several years) and Nanny has been going there since the late 1960s (whenever it was that she moved to Lubbock). It was at this church that my parents met and dated. Everyone in that church knows Nanny and/or my parents, and by default, knows me. Making it better is that two of the members are some of the last connections to my mom’s parents. Ross and David were my grandfather’s best friends and Ross was a groomsman at their wedding. Talking to them feels like talking to my grandfather (well, what I would imagine that to be like), so I’m always excited to see them.

After church and lunch, we hit the road again. I am happy in the town I live in, but I love visiting Lubbock. There’s something so incredibly comforting about the dust and the sun and the openness. It’s a retreat all in itself.


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