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“The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.” – Don Williams Jr

Tee Vee

on May 30, 2010

Anyone want to know what I watch on a weekly basis? No. Too bad, it’s here anyway. Since I watch everything on Hulu, there will be no order, except the way it comes to me.

Castle: one of the smartest shows on t.v. I love Castle, I love Beckett, I love Ryan and Esposito, I love Alexis, I love Castle’s mom. So great. Not a bad episode yet.

Bones: Pretty much ditto from above, just replace “Castle” with “Brennan”, “Beckett” with “Booth”, “Ryan and Esposito” with “Hodgins and Angela” and “Castle’s mom” with “Cam, Intern, Sweets, etc.”

Grey’s Anatomy: This one almost lost me last year with all the creepyness. Luckily this season is much better.

Private Practice: I never watched this year til some friends of mine got me hooked in the fall. Season finale this year was heartbreaking.

The Office: Has lost a little of it’s shine, but is still good. And now Holly might be coming back? Awesome.

Dancing With the Stars: So help me, I like this show. But my like seems to be waning. I didn’t even watch the finale this time because I am so not interested in Nicole. Let’s see who the next season brings to the dance floor.

Saturday Night Live: It is finally on it’s upswing again! Bill Hader, Jason Sudekis, Seth Meyers – I love them. And Kristen Wiig can come to any of my parties that she wants.

The Bachelor(ette): This show is sucking the life out of me. I really want to quit, but I can’t seem to. Anyone watch the 20/20 show a few months ago or whenever? The creator/producer/whatever guy is total sleaze. But I keep having hope that even though these people are going about it the complete wrong way, their hearts are int he right places. Oh, but can we ditch the fantasy suites? Ick.

Glee: I have mad love for this show. It’s delicious. The Gaga costumes were fabulous.

Parenthood: I like this one. I love Lauren Graham and Peter Krause, so it’s hard for me to not like this show. Lauren Graham has at least one “Lorelei” moment every week, which makes me happy, and I enjoy the Aspergers storyline as someone who has babysit several autistic/asperger children.

Seriously? How do I have time for all of this? Thank goodness for Hulu!!!


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