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β€œThe road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.” – Don Williams Jr

7 Quick Takes – June 25, 2010

These are definitely going to be quick!

1. My sister turned 25 yesterday and we go out to celebrate tonight! Woo hoo! Happy Birthday Sara Sue!

2. After being gone for 10 days, Carrie is home again! It’s nice to have someone to watch Alias with again. πŸ™‚

3. Busy weekend ahead: birthday dinner tonight, going away party tomorrow for my cousin’s FES, Ranger game Sunday. Good times, great oldies!

4. I had no idea so many people liked soccer. It’s funny, I don’t even have to watch the games or news to know what happened.

5. You may see a series here soon on the blog about some childhood things. I haven’t made up my mind yet.

6. So the 10 days Carrie was gone I spent cleaning and organizing and doing some decluttering. Not as much decluttering as I would have liked, but a good amount. I’m going to try to keep decluttering (I never got a chance to go through my closet) and see how it goes.

7. About 6 weeks to the big retreat! Woo hoo!

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Quick Takes: June 11, 2010

1. It’s been awhile since I’ve done this. My Friday’s are very different from every other day of the week, so it throws me off. πŸ™‚ Well, doesn’t matter, I’m here this week!

2. My dear friends Wally and Charlene had Carrie and I over a few weeks ago for a movie. While perusing their DVD collection, we found some stuff we haven’t seen and they agreed to let us borrow them. Included in our goodies is the entire series of Alias! I’m so excited. I watched this show on and off and really enjoyed it, just never had time (or, if only Hulu was around!) Now I get to see it all, no waiting for cliffhangers to be resolved! We are already on Season 2, though we’re about to go slower because Carrie will be out of town for a little bit.

3. In addition to Baderflix, I’m still using Netflix. And now that we’re caught up on Bones, I’m watching the final two seasons of Gilmore Girls (the ones my sister and I never got around to buying). I love this show. Really do.

4. I have a new hairstyle that I will probably live in all summer. Summer to me means ponytails. But ponytails with my hair right now don’t work. the shorter front part falls out so I either have to clip it back or wear a headband. Headbands and glasses don’t mix. So, in comes the side braid that pulls back into a ponytail. Hard to describe, but it holds all my hair back and no fall outs. And it’s super cute. Love it!

5. Two of my very good friends are getting married tomorrow! Yay! Last weekend was the bachelorette party and we had so much fun celebrating Juli. I was asked to be a lector for the wedding, which I am honored to do, and thrilled cause I love to lector. This means that after tomorrow I will have been a maid of honor, a bridesmaid, an EM, a lector, and a member of the house party in different weddings. Does that mean I’ve hit for the wedding party cycle? Well, I guess not since I haven’t been a bride.

6. I’ve started a new exercise routine for the summer. We’ll see how that goes.

7. Finally, I must say that I am looking forward to today. Tonight is the rehearsal for the wedding, but before that is some filming with some of the teens I’m on retreat team with. I love these kiddos and today should be a blast!

Have a fabulous weekend and visit http://www.conversiondiary.com for more quick takes!

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Seven Wonders

Here are 7 beautiful things I have seen up close and personal. In no particular order.

1. St. Louis Cathedral.

Oh my word, this is one of the most beautiful things on the planet. I love this place and want to go back. So much glass and art and beauty. I wasn’t Catholic when I visited this place and now that I am, I want to go back.

2. Niagra Falls

We saw the Canada side on our family vacation (2002? 2003?) and it was so pretty. I love the water falling and contrast between the calmness of the “pool” and the aggression of the falls.

3. West Texas Sunsets

People think I’m crazy when I say I like West Texas. I can’t help it. It’s gorgeous. Cool summer nights. Warm skies (color and temperature). Brisk winds. The dust and the dirt and everything else make for some spectacular sunsets (sunrises too, but I am never up that early!). One particular one I saw once streaked pink and blue across the sky in the most unusual pattern.

4. Castles in Germany

Ludwig II of Bavaria was nutso. But he made some pretty awesome castles. Of course, there is the famous Neuschwanstein (the inspiration for Disney’s castle), but my favorite was Herrenchiemsee. The building was beautiful and the gardens are breathtaking.

5. Newborn babies

I am not going to be specific on this (I might die at the hands of their parents), but I have had the fortune to hold many a baby and they are all precious little miracles.

6. The mountains of Fort Collins

In college I got the chance to spend a week in northern Colorado for a conference/workshop/whatever. We stayed in cabins in the mountains. It was so beautiful there; made me want to stay for a long time.

7.Β  I’m going to leave this one open. I’ve seen lots of great places, but I am going to assume that there is a lot of beauty left.

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This guy

is cool.

Last week on Yahoo! news, I saw a story about Matt Green, who is walking from New York to Oregon. Just because. No agenda, no record setting goal. Just because he wanted to.

I read most of his story and it’s pretty cool. I like reading about the different people he encounters and their kindness and generosity. Restores belief in humanity. It also brings to mind the fact that we can all have an impact on people, even the ones we meet briefly. A small act of kindness to everyone we meet can change the world. I’m working on some ways I can improve the way I help people. More on that later.

Meanwhile, check out Matt’s site.

And, if you want to walk for a cause, check out Crossroads.

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Best Laid Plans

You know how sometimes you plan a day, start to finish, and then everything changes? That was my Saturday.

Original Plan:
Run for Life at 8:30 a.m., Recon team afternoon from 3-5ish, Core team meeting/dinner at 6.

I was excited for this plan. A 5K walk in the morning, relax afterwards, have fun with my Recon team, and enjoy a meeting/dinner with the Core team. But then things began to change. The Recon team fun was postponed, and I was extended an invite for a day of discernment in Fort Worth. All that stood in my way of new plan was the 5K. My hatred of Texas heat (and self-loathing that I had not been training at all for this) convinced me to dump the walk and do the discernment day.

So, I spent Saturday morning and afternoon with the Sisters of St. Mary of Namur in Fort Worth. Don’t freak out on me, I’m not joining the convent. I’ve discovered that these days are beautiful, peaceful days, filled with prayer and conversation and loveliness.Β 

I was blessed to be able to go with my friend Bailey. We arrived in the morning and met up with her friend Kelly. We were greeted by the sisters and ushered into their living space. After a brief snack session and others coming in, we went to the chapel for some morning prayer. After that, we went back to the living space where Sr. Charles Marie was waiting for us. She has served a good portion of her life in Rwanda and shared with us stories of missionary life.

We then celebrated Mass and enjoyed a delicious lunch. After lunch we played games with the sisters and I discovered that the sisters cheat like little kids. πŸ™‚ We then prayed a rosary and visited another building in the convent, where we had kind of a Q and A with the sisters. After that, we did some scripture study with Sr. St. John and then prayer time to end the day.

It was a lovely day and totally refreshed me for the Core meeting that night. We had a fabulous fajita dinner and then planned out some great summer events. John’s kids made a song about us and I got to play with Darth!

Going backwards, Friday was wonderful as well! After FAR TOO LONG, I was able to go to East Texas and visit a very dear friend, her husband, her adorable three-year-old daughter, and her handsome newborn son. Such a joy. I miss them so much and wish they lived closer. I then drove to Fort Worth (lots of miles this past weekend!) and met up with Carrie. Her parents had graciously invited us to join them at Concert in the Garden in the Botanical Gardens. We had great seats and Carrie’s mom and dad prepared a delicious dinner from Central Market. The band was Mingo Fishtrap and they were so much fun. I really enjoyed them.

After two full days, plus a meeting, and Mass, etc. on Sunday, I was grateful for a Monday holiday!

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