Hollison Journey

“The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.” – Don Williams Jr

Seven Wonders

on June 7, 2010

Here are 7 beautiful things I have seen up close and personal. In no particular order.

1. St. Louis Cathedral.

Oh my word, this is one of the most beautiful things on the planet. I love this place and want to go back. So much glass and art and beauty. I wasn’t Catholic when I visited this place and now that I am, I want to go back.

2. Niagra Falls

We saw the Canada side on our family vacation (2002? 2003?) and it was so pretty. I love the water falling and contrast between the calmness of the “pool” and the aggression of the falls.

3. West Texas Sunsets

People think I’m crazy when I say I like West Texas. I can’t help it. It’s gorgeous. Cool summer nights. Warm skies (color and temperature). Brisk winds. The dust and the dirt and everything else make for some spectacular sunsets (sunrises too, but I am never up that early!). One particular one I saw once streaked pink and blue across the sky in the most unusual pattern.

4. Castles in Germany

Ludwig II of Bavaria was nutso. But he made some pretty awesome castles. Of course, there is the famous Neuschwanstein (the inspiration for Disney’s castle), but my favorite was Herrenchiemsee. The building was beautiful and the gardens are breathtaking.

5. Newborn babies

I am not going to be specific on this (I might die at the hands of their parents), but I have had the fortune to hold many a baby and they are all precious little miracles.

6. The mountains of Fort Collins

In college I got the chance to spend a week in northern Colorado for a conference/workshop/whatever. We stayed in cabins in the mountains. It was so beautiful there; made me want to stay for a long time.

7.  I’m going to leave this one open. I’ve seen lots of great places, but I am going to assume that there is a lot of beauty left.


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