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โ€œThe road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.โ€ – Don Williams Jr

For all my goal setters out there…

Did you know that September 23 marks 100 days left in the year (including that day)? That means tomorrow is a great time to start a habit (or break a habit) or track some sort of goal. The great thing about 100 days is if you can last that long, you’ll probably continue doing it. I know I’m tracking goals for the year, but here are a few things I am going to try to do over the next 100 days:

1. Walk 100 miles

2. No soda

3. Read 10 books

4. Do something on my Cleaning schedule every day

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7 Quick Takes – Cars edition

1. My car hit 100,000 miles on Monday. This is my second car to do this. Of course, the first one died shortly after hitting 100,000 so I’m crossing fingers that it doesn’t happen to this one. It got me thinking about my previous cars, so here’s a little recap for you.

2. First car: 1995 Mercury Tracer. My first car, like most of my cars, was a hand-me-down from Dad. Not that I was complaining. I liked this car. Craziest story about this car: I skipped school in it. No really. I did. Accidents: 3. Two fender benders and the fatal blow. Farewell story: I totaled it in May 2001.

3. Second car: 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier (2 door). This was really my sister’s car, but I drove it the summer I wrecked my car since she wasn’t 16 yet. Not bad, but I don’t like 2-door cars (unless it’s a sports car). Craziest story about this car: I worked for the Rangers that summer and my very last day before heading back to college, I managed to lock my keys in the car – which I didn’t figure out til time to go home (around 11pm). Luckily, the Ballpark has a locksmith and luckier, they don’t charge employees! Accidents in it: None. Farewell story: I went to college and my sister drove the car.

4. Third car: 1993 Ford Taurus. Ol’ Blue was a hand-me-down from my Mom and was a complete tank, especially after driving the Tracer and Cavalier. It was power everything, which I loved. I took this out to college and it could probably tell you some stories. Craziest story about this car: Probably a lot. None stand out. I do remember the Felux boys spilling Rosa’s queso in the back seat. That stuff never comes out. Accidents in it: None. Farewell story: First day of senior year (which also happened to be the first time I did not live on campus and needed my car to get to class), it died. Would not start. It needed about $2,000 worth of repairs and parts and since it was 100,000+ miles and was 10 years old, my dad sold it to the mechanic for $400. Interestingly enough, I would soon find out that the mechanic was the dad of a friend of mine and Ol’ Blue was revived for his sister and ran another couple of years.

5. Fourth car: 2002 (I think) Chevrolet Cavalier (4 door). When Ol’ Blue died, my Dad came up to Lubbock to help me get a new car. Thanks to a sweet hookup from my roommate, we found ourselves talking to the financial manager of a local dealer about used cars. I didn’t like the 2-door Cavalier, so when he said he had a Cavalier on the lot in good condition, I wasn’t feeling it. But this one was four door, I liked it, and better yet, was the right price. Plus, it had only belonged to the dealer so it had low mileage and was in great shape. Craziest story about this car: Nothing too crazy happened in this car. Oh, once when I was in an apartment, I came down to my car in the morning and all the paperwork from the glove box was on the floorboards. I couldn’t figure it out until I realized one of the back doors was unlocked (manual locks). My heart was racing thinking somebody had stolen something, but nothing seemed to be gone. I chalked it up to kids playing around (we had lots of kids in the complex) until I finally discovered what was missing: the overhead lightbulb. It cost me $1.97 to replace. True story. Accidents in it: None. Farewell story: it started giving me problems, so we got rid of it.

6. Fifth car: 2005 Nissan Altima. This is the car I have now. Again, it is a hand me down from my mom when she took my grandmother’s 2007 Altima when she passed away in 2007. It’s been pretty good. Craziest story: I got it stuck in the mud (long story) and when my friend arrived to pull me out, we discovered a Nissan flaw – no tow ring in the back. Chains had to be put around the tires and my car was pivoted around. It was extremely muddy and I now call him “Knight in Muddy Armor.” Accidents in it: 2. Neither my fault, I was rear ended twice in 6 months. Farewell story: hasn’t happened yet – knock on wood!

7. Sixth car: hasn’t happened yet! Honestly, I’d like my mom’s car. The 2007 has some pretty sweet features including keyless entry and the power button (so cool). Though after seeing my sister’s navigation system, I wouldn’t mind something with that. Money of course, is the main obstacle. ๐Ÿ™‚

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7 x 4 = 28

I’ve always heard that your tastebuds change every 7 years, so you should keep trying foods. Honestly, I kind of thought it was made up. A sneaky way to get us to try yucky foods again.

Recently however, I’d have to say I agree, because at 28 years old, I find myself liking foods I never liked before.

A small sample of my new loves:

Tomatoes In the past, yuck-o. While I like things made from tomatoes, I never liked them as a fruit/vegetable/whatever. I avoided them in salads and picked them from my sandwiches and burgers (though I left them in burgers sometimes). All of sudden, I like them. Not just in salads and sandwiches and burgers and tacos, but one day I found myself slicing up a tomato, sprinkling a little salt and pepper on it and EATING IT AS IS. What the heck?

Tea Iced tea is a staple at my family dinner table. Mom and Dad drank iced tea with every dinner (and some lunches). Unsweetened, non-flavored, cold, brewed (never instant) tea. My sister and I drank milk. I thought iced tea was horrible. Hot tea was even worse. I even tried flavored teas to see if I liked those. Nope. Recently I tried it again. Today, I drank three cups of hot tea at work. I’m not 100% sold on cold tea, but it doesn’t taste nearly as bad to me anymore.

My mom’s enchiladas Oh man, did I used to not like these. Your typical rolled enchiladas were just fine, provided they were covered with sour cream sauce or queso or even chili sauce. But I really didn’t like red enchilada sauce, so my mom’s enchiladas were definitely out. You see, my mom’s family comes from El Paso so when we say enchiladas, we mean flat stacks of tortillas, cheese and sauce topped with a fried egg. It’s a recipe that no one even has written down, we just all know how to do. But until a year or so ago, I didn’t like them because of that sauce. Then one day, I tried them again, and presto! Amazing!

This is definitely the first time I can remember reversing my opinion on so many foods – it’s kind of weird. I’m now motivated to try knew things. Who knows – maybe my other least favorite family meal will turn into a favorite.

I’m looking at you, Chicken Marango.

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