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“The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.” – Don Williams Jr

Do Life Movement Challenge 2012

If you don’t know who Ben Davis is, you should. He’s awesome. His strive to improve his health and lose weight has catapulted the Do Life Movement. Last summer, he traveled the U.S. (and Canada) doing 5Ks in various cities to encourage people to get up and get active. I joined him in Dallas on the Katy Trail (in July. It was nasty hot.)







Anyway, this year he is hosting a 12-week challenge that I will be participating in. Details for each challenge will be posted early in the week and then…well, you know what, I’ll let him tell you:

Get Excited: The 2012 Do Life Movement New Year Challenge.

Excited to announce the 2012 Do Life New Year Challenge.

While maintaining a little surprise for the people who join, here is a little information on the 12-week challenge.

  • Starts next Monday, January 2nd.
  • There will be a new theme launched each Monday with a challenge for the week.
  • Every Sunday we will choose a winner of the week. Prizes each week to the winners.
  • There are no physical requirements to join (i.e. there are no “run 30 miles this week.”) Not all challenges will be of the physical variety and the ones that are will be adaptable to any level of fitness, so don’t worry.
  • $10 joining fee to help cover costs of prizes and shipping. Also, I’m always more committed when I pay some money, no matter how much. We want everyone to stick with the challenge through all 12 weeks.
  • There will be a dedicated messageboard at DoLifeMovement for the challenge.
  • Registration ends Friday at 11:59 p.m. so, join up!

To join: click here for the Paypal link. We will email you a confirmation and further instructions!

Join Join Join!

It’s going to be an incredible 12 weeks. Spread the word.


My New Balance Kicks


As part of the RunProject deal, I got some (almost) free new running shoes, courtesy New Balance. Of course, nothing is ever easy with me, it turned into an “ordeal.”

About a week after getting the voucher, I went over to RunOn! to get my shoes. I was greeted and immediately started the process of measuring my feet. That’s when we ran into a problem. Thanks to my awesome genetics, I have a high instep and wide foot. Which means some shoes don’t fit, no matter the size. We tried women’s first. The length was perfect but it felt like a vice was around my foot -even with the widest shoe. So we moved to men’s, which went wider. The width felt great, but the shoe was way too long.

After consulting the catalog, we determined that yes, NB did make a short, wide men’s shoe. It just wasn’t in stock. So, they called in an order and about a week later, my red and black (!) Men’s size 7 width 2E’s came in. Back to store to try them on and they were a great fit.

Can’t wait to start the races with these shoes on my freak-of-nature feet.

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I’m baaaack!

Did you miss me?

I neglected this blog for quite some time. But I think I’m back. Probably not a daily poster, but I have a project in 2012, and I want to blog about it.

So, going back to the summer, after a long look at my life, I stepped down from my volunteer position at church. As much as I love the teens, it was time to move on. Plus the time and effort involved was taking a toll on me. I didn’t completely cut ties. Not long after I stepped down, I agreed to serve on an adult retreat team. I figured it was a good move, a little less time and still involvement with people I love. However, I was put in a role that did require some extra time, which was fine (and perfect, seeing as I could never have done it if I was still working with the teens).

By late October, when the retreat was over, my schedule became very free. I am by no means a hermit and my weekends still manage to be busy, but my weekday evenings were now wide open. I started thinking about picking up my on/off relationship with my gym and even went a few times again. I needed a goal though.

Then I got an email from a local running store that they were hosting something called Run Project. Run Project is 7 local races that you can sign up for one at a time, or all at the same time. If you signed up for all of them at the same time, you got a voucher for free running shoes (!). This was a tempting offer. 7 races would definitely be a good goal, and since they were spread out over 2012, it would keep me motivated – I’m too frugal to pay for something and then not do it. Then my friend Jared mentioned he was signing up. Even better. Some one to keep me accountable, plus a friendly face at the races. So, I signed up.

Oh, then I signed up for another 5K because it sounded fun. And I’m looking into doing a race with my friend Amy when I go visit her.

So yes, I’m crazy. And yes, this blog will focus on that, at least for 2012. Sorry if that’s not your cup of tea, but to paraphrase my friend, this is what is new in my life.

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