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My New Balance Kicks

on December 24, 2011


As part of the RunProject deal, I got some (almost) free new running shoes, courtesy New Balance. Of course, nothing is ever easy with me, it turned into an “ordeal.”

About a week after getting the voucher, I went over to RunOn! to get my shoes. I was greeted and immediately started the process of measuring my feet. That’s when we ran into a problem. Thanks to my awesome genetics, I have a high instep and wide foot. Which means some shoes don’t fit, no matter the size. We tried women’s first. The length was perfect but it felt like a vice was around my foot -even with the widest shoe. So we moved to men’s, which went wider. The width felt great, but the shoe was way too long.

After consulting the catalog, we determined that yes, NB did make a short, wide men’s shoe. It just wasn’t in stock. So, they called in an order and about a week later, my red and black (!) Men’s size 7 width 2E’s came in. Back to store to try them on and they were a great fit.

Can’t wait to start the races with these shoes on my freak-of-nature feet.


One response to “My New Balance Kicks

  1. Joseph says:

    These kicks rock. Very TTU. Way to represent!

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