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Do Life Movement Challenge 2012

on December 28, 2011

If you don’t know who Ben Davis is, you should. He’s awesome. His strive to improve his health and lose weight has catapulted the Do Life Movement. Last summer, he traveled the U.S. (and Canada) doing 5Ks in various cities to encourage people to get up and get active. I joined him in Dallas on the Katy Trail (in July. It was nasty hot.)







Anyway, this year he is hosting a 12-week challenge that I will be participating in. Details for each challenge will be posted early in the week and then…well, you know what, I’ll let him tell you:

Get Excited: The 2012 Do Life Movement New Year Challenge.

Excited to announce the 2012 Do Life New Year Challenge.

While maintaining a little surprise for the people who join, here is a little information on the 12-week challenge.

  • Starts next Monday, January 2nd.
  • There will be a new theme launched each Monday with a challenge for the week.
  • Every Sunday we will choose a winner of the week. Prizes each week to the winners.
  • There are no physical requirements to join (i.e. there are no “run 30 miles this week.”) Not all challenges will be of the physical variety and the ones that are will be adaptable to any level of fitness, so don’t worry.
  • $10 joining fee to help cover costs of prizes and shipping. Also, I’m always more committed when I pay some money, no matter how much. We want everyone to stick with the challenge through all 12 weeks.
  • There will be a dedicated messageboard at DoLifeMovement for the challenge.
  • Registration ends Friday at 11:59 p.m. so, join up!

To join: click here for the Paypal link. We will email you a confirmation and further instructions!

Join Join Join!

It’s going to be an incredible 12 weeks. Spread the word.


2 responses to “Do Life Movement Challenge 2012

  1. jaredbares says:

    Is this the same Ben Davis that owns the several The Gents Place upscale men’s barbershops around DFW?

  2. hollisonjourney says:

    No. He’s from Arkansas and lives in Vancouver now.

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