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“The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.” – Don Williams Jr

Race #2 of 2012








Ok, I’m about a week late on this one, but here we go!

Race #2 was only 8 days after Race #1 – eek. It was the Too Cold To Hold 5K at White Rock Lake. As you can tell from the name and the fact that we got beanies as part of registration that this is typically a cold day to race, but we lucked it and it was about 54 degrees at start. It was windy though and the wind coming off the lake was a bit cold.

Jared and I started the race just like the one before. This time I brought music to listen to, plus I used a new-to-me app, RunKeeper.  I used to use MapMyRun, but I like that RunKeeper informs me of my pacing and timing. Just as I assumed, my pace slows throughout the race. I need to work on my consistency.

With only a week between races and a different (hilly-er) course, I didn’t have high hopes for my time. In fact, I prepared myself for a longer time. But, I ended up finishing almost 50 seconds faster. I’ll call that an accomplishment!

Next race is Feb 19, but this one will be a fun, laid back race: The Color Run!

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Race #1 of 2012







Ok, I’m like a week late with this. Whoops! Let’s pretend it’s Sunday, January 15.

I did my first race of 2012 yesterday! Woke up early and was out my door at 7:15am for The Hotcake Hustle. Luckily, the race was nearby and I met up with Jared at 7:30. We chatted for a while and got ready. There was a Fun Run at 8am. So fun to watch the kids take off at full speed when it started. Then it was time to line up and before we knew it, we were off!

Jared and I started together, but we both knew we have separate goals and paces, so we wished each other luckand he took off. I started off jogging and then slowed to a walk (but a speedy walk). I chose not to listen to music this time, just to see if I liked it (more on that later). The course stayed relatively flat, except for a bridge. That bridge stunk. Not literally, it just wasn’t much fun.

Anyway, I got near the end and Jared came back to finish with me. As we got near the end, we started jogging and crossed the finish line. The announcer guy even said my name over the PA as he announced people finishing. We went inside and grabbed pizza pieces (small ones) and granola bars. Unfortunately, no hotcakes. While everything else was in a ballroom and people kind of weaved in and out, the pancakes were in another room (I think) and the single-file line was ridiculously long, so we left.

Then I went home and laid in bed for 4 hours. 🙂

Oh, my verdict on no music? I did not like it. I didn’t mind not having the sounds, but I think my pace fell without it (I don’t have proof, just my hunch). Eventually, I’d like to be able to do either, but for now I will use music.

This race set the “benchmark” time for the next race, so I’m pleased with the result no matter what.  Not where I want it, but I know what I need to improve on.

Next race: Too Cold to Hold, next Sunday! (Remember, it’s Jan 15!)