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Race #2 of 2012

on January 29, 2012








Ok, I’m about a week late on this one, but here we go!

Race #2 was only 8 days after Race #1 – eek. It was the Too Cold To Hold 5K at White Rock Lake. As you can tell from the name and the fact that we got beanies as part of registration that this is typically a cold day to race, but we lucked it and it was about 54 degrees at start. It was windy though and the wind coming off the lake was a bit cold.

Jared and I started the race just like the one before. This time I brought music to listen to, plus I used a new-to-me app, RunKeeper.  I used to use MapMyRun, but I like that RunKeeper informs me of my pacing and timing. Just as I assumed, my pace slows throughout the race. I need to work on my consistency.

With only a week between races and a different (hilly-er) course, I didn’t have high hopes for my time. In fact, I prepared myself for a longer time. But, I ended up finishing almost 50 seconds faster. I’ll call that an accomplishment!

Next race is Feb 19, but this one will be a fun, laid back race: The Color Run!


One response to “Race #2 of 2012

  1. nicole says:

    Good job! Hooray for improvement. I love Runkeeper.

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