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7 QT About the L-B-K

on September 14, 2012

As I write this (and I use the term write very loosely since I’m tapping/swypeing this out on my phone), I am in a car with my sister headed to Lubbock. We’re going to the TTU vs New Mexico game tomorrow and to soak up some West Texas goodness.

Lubbock is an underappreciated city. Some people don’t like it. Most people think they wouldn’t like it. I love it. I’ve been making the trip to Lubbock my whole life to see my grandmother, and then I lived there while in college. I liked it so much, I stayed a year after I graduated.

What’s there to love? Glad you asked. I’m dedicating my 7 Quick Takes to my second home.

1. Campus. Texas Tech campus is beautiful. Go google image it if you don’t believe me. Spanish architecture, beautiful landscaping. It’s an oasis. From the historic quad to the new BA building, everything is cohesive. Plus the traditions. Plus the game day atmosphere. Chills.

2. Food. I had to group this together, otherwise it would be this whole list. Lubbock has a lot of restaurants and so many are so good. This weekend I’m introducing my sister to Spanky’s and Bless Your Heart. But there is also Orlando’s, Gardski’s, 50 Yard Line, Josie’s, Stella’s, and more. I’m sure I’ve forgotten some.

3. The people. West Texans are some of the friendliest people ever. Every shop owner, every stranger is warm, smiling and friendly. They make a city of 275,000 + feel like a small town.

4. Weather. Call me crazy, but the best Texas summers are in Lubbock. Hot days, cool nights. I can tolerate 100 degree days when it drops to 70/80 once the sun goes down. The random dust storms and mud rain? Well, that’s just quirky. Bonus: gorgeous sunsets and sunrises.

5. Music. Yes, Lubbock has music. Haven’t you ever heard of Buddy Holly? Really, it’s the celebration of music that I love. The Buddy Holly Center is great and the Depot District has great places to have a drink and listen to local music.

6. Wineries. Lubbock has several wineries and they are fun to visit and taste test some samples. Tech even has a degree program for people to make wines(I forget the actual name).

7. Stars and Stripes. Remember those cool nights I talked about? Nothing is better than going to Star and Stripes Drive in on a cool night and seeing 2 movies for $7. Such a fun night.

Honorable mention goes to United, Science Spectrum, Windmill Museum, and the Tech Museum.


4 responses to “7 QT About the L-B-K

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Yep, that’s exactly what I would have said including your honorable mentions!

  2. Brian says:

    Thanks for the shout outs to the LBK! You forgot Bahama Bucks!! I know there is one in Lewisville, but BB is from the L-B-K 🙂

  3. hollisonjourney says:

    True, true. I saw your mom.at Mass this morning at SJN, but didn’t get a chance to stop her. She looks great!

  4. jaredbares says:

    You forgot to pronounce it JUniteds and don’t forget Buns Over Texas!

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