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“The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.” – Don Williams Jr

The Best of Intentions

I had every intention of participating in 7 QT’s on Friday. No, really, I did. I had my 7 things written down and I was going to have pictures and links and everything. It was going to be snazzy. I was going to go home after work and post.

Then my sister texted me at 4pm and invited me over to the house she was house-sitting at. I was already planning to go over there Saturday, so starting early sounded good to me. I packed my laptop, fully intending to blog there. But once there, I ate Irish Nachos (potato slices covered in cheese, onions and other delicious things) and watched episodes of Gilmore Girls we’ve seen a million times.

No worries though, I’ll just post Saturday right? Or, I’ll watch MORE episodes of Gilmore Girls until the Texas Tech game, at which point I will be completely engrossed in yelling at the commentators, griping at the TCU coach and jumping up and down during all three overtime periods (Wildcat fakeout? OMG!) Once the game ended, Sara and I went to her favorite watering hole and waited for our dad and his friend, who went to the game, to come so we could re-hash the game until it was time to head back and you guessed it, more Gilmore Girls.

Sunday turned into a very productive day, cleaning, cleaning, church, cleaning, and more cleaning. If it wasn’t for all the laundry, I’d be done.

And that leads me to now, posting this blog from the break room on my lunch break via my phone. Where’s my list? On my kitchen counter. The good news is, most of the items I listed can (and will) turn into blog posts. I just may start scheduling them in WordPress instead of assuming my schedule will stay normal.

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7 Quick Takes: Last minute

Here we go!

1. This post is coming to you from my childhood bedroom. I’m at my parents house tonight and tomorrow. My old room is definitely not a shrine, but it still has some Holly touches. At least this weekend my sister didn’t steal it from me.

2. Earlier tonight I had dinner with my grandmother (Nanny). Well, sort of. It’s a long story, but it boils down to: she’s crazy. Not cuckoo crazy, but silly crazy. It’s nice having her in Dallas now – much closer to her antics. If you need entertainment, I’ve got it. “Dinner and a show” as Sara and I tend to say.

3. Things I Learned About at Work This Week: Asian cockroaches. German cockroaches. Try not to be jealous.

4. I’m at my parents to watch college football tomorrow, as I do not have cable and none of the standard channels come in very well. We’ll be watching the OU/UT game (and hoping that somehow they both lose) and the Tech/WVU game (praying for a miracle).

5. I’ve been catching up on tv this week (God bless you, Hulu) and am rekindling my love for The Voice. That show is so good. I was never an AI fan, but I love The Voice. It does not hurt that Adam Levine is funny, charming, and hot.

6. I’m also enjoying the new show “Go On.” I’m a sucker for Matthew Perry to begin with, so combining him with sports, laughter, and quirky is awesome.

7. I finished reading Harry Potter one, maybe two, weeks ago. Now on to a movie marathon. YESSSSS!!!!


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7 Quick Takes: A Day Late and A Couple Dollars Short

Charlene told me I have to blog, so here I am. I was going to write this last night after work. I really was! But then, well, let’s move on to number 1.

1. Rangers. Oh, my sweet Rangers. I would have laughed at you if you told me in April or May that they weren’t going to go all the way this year. Even after a bad June/July, they seemed to be hanging on. But these past few weeks, brutal. I went to last Tuesday’s game and experienced my first loss of the season. Then I went to Sunday’s game and held out some hope, despite a loss. Wednesday I left work and went to Applebee’s to watch the end of the game (no cable) and saw them implode and let the AL West fall out of their grasp. But there was still the Wild Card slot, and when Amy texted me yesterday at 2pm to say she had just bought tickets, did I want to go? My answer was a resounding YES. I’m glad I was there, but sad the season is over. The players actually weren’t the biggest disappointment to me last night. Some of the fans were. You know what, that’s gong to be the next item.

2. Most of the fans last night were great. But some, oh some. The Rangers had a great season, even if it didn’t end they way we wanted. Some fans last night were boo-ing our own players (unacceptable), left early (way to show your support), and I heard a few clapping when the O’s player was hit by a pitch. Not when he stood up and walked to 1st base and they clapped to show support of him being ok, they clapped when he went down. I don’t care who it is, you don’t celebrate an injury. The leaving early bothers me the least because some people may have legitimate reason to leave, but the boo-ing, etc annoyed me greatly. We need more good sports in this world.

3. In other news, my new-to-me car is great! So nice to have a quiet ride and not make noises when shifting gears, braking, etc. Oh, and to have a door handle that isn’t broken. And no lights on on the dash. So nice. But the best thing about it is:

4. XM Radio. It’s a long story, but I have it 3 month free. I so love it. I haven’t even explored all the channels, but 90s on 9 is fantastic. How did I live without this?

5. My social calendar has picked up considerably recently which is a good thing. I kept a low profile last year, which is good, but I enjoy being with friends far too much to keep that up too long. I’ve even made some recent new friends. It sounds silly, but I think it can be a challenge to meet new people when you get older. Especially if you’re not married and don’t have kids. All those common bonds that make playdates and Mom groups work don’t happen if you’re not a Mom. Not that it’s impossible, it just creates its own challenges. The single life isn’t always glamorous, in fact I’d say it rarely is.

6. One of the events I went to recently was a Strengthsfinder retreat. I’ve done one previously (here and here), so it was interesting to go through it again and find some new strengths and how they are applying to my life now. For the record, this time around I was Maximizer, Relator, Achiever, Communication and Learner.

7.  I think I’ve mentioned before what a t.v. addict I am. Some recent shows I’ve watched via Netflix and Hulu: Scandal, Go On, Make It or Break It, and last season’s The Office. Up next: Friday Night Lights and Once Upon a Time.

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