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โ€œThe road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.โ€ – Don Williams Jr

Thirty One.

On Saturday, I turned another year older. Returning to a semi-tradition (meaning some years I do and some years I don’t), I wrote birthday resolutions. Below the resolutions are pics of the celebrations!

1. Ask what God wants and say “yes” to it. Too often I make my own plans, and am surprised when they fail miserably. This year I want to spend less time planning and more time asking God what the plan is. Of course, I have to follow the plan in order for it to work.

2. Read more. Each month I want to read at least 1 spiritual book and 1 book of choice. I try to read a lot, but I also watch a lot of Netflix/Hulu. Goals are good ๐Ÿ™‚

3. More service. Whether it’s scheduled community service or random acts of kindness, I want to do more.

4. Make a silent retreat. Silent retreats are my “restart” button. I want to take the time and spend the money and make sure I connect with that.

5. Save more money. Self-explanatory.

6. Live simply. I want to cut out clutter and excess.

And now, my birthday weekend in pictures!










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Hey, it’s a blog post! Not because I have anything worthy to say, but because I am procrastinating from cleaning. I was even gifted with an additional hour tonight and I STILL have not started cleaning.

I was productive though. I finished addressing almost all of my Christmas cards – just need a few more addresses, but I’ll be sending out what I have tomorrow. Christmas cards when you are single are weird. I tell myself every year that next year I’ll come up with some cute, awesome, totally-not-lame creative Christmas card. And every year, I buy a box of cards from Wal-Mart. Sigh. But I like sending Christmas cards. And receiving Christmas cards.

Today is December 11 and so far I have two Christmas decorations up. And one really shouldn’t count since all I did was hang a sign on a nail that was already there (I took down a clock that stopped working a while ago.) I tell myself that I am doing it slowly to savor the season, but in reality it is because I don’t want to bring out the Christmas stuff until I have cleaned, which brings us back to the word of the day, procrastination.

Once I have my decor out, I think I want to do a blog series on it. I like my Christmas stuff and some of it is pretty cool. Plus, I love seeing everyone else’s stuff, so I figure others like that too.

I’m in technology purgatory. A couple of weeks ago, my laptop decided it had had enough and refused to turn on beyond the startup screen. The good news is that my pics and music are on an external hard drive (best $75 spent ever). So, because I couldn’t stand being without something, and I’d been debating tablets for forever, I bought an iPad. I really like it, but there are still a few things it can not do. Now, the purgatory part is that some of this would be solved if I had an iPhone, but I have an Android and am not due for an upgrade until January 1, plus I’ve been pretty iPhone-resistant until now. Knowing that the iPad and iPhone would “play well together” is making me lean toward the iPhone, plus the fact that my Android has decided that battery life is no longer a priority. Since man can not live on phone and tablet alone, the laptop issue comes up too. Apple is a downward spiral of beautifulness, so of course, I’m drawn to Mac books. I haven’t used an Apple computer since my yearbook days, but darn it if I’m not considering it. Of course, my wallet would prefer something MUCH cheaper. I’ve never cared about this kind of stuff and now I find myself caring and that is driving me crazy.

Is that enough randomness for one post? I think I’ll go clean. Or, more likely, go browse Pinterest and Wikipedia until I fall asleep, then wake up tomorrow regretting that I wasted a night on the Internet.

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