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“The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same. Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.” – Don Williams Jr

Goals in 2010

Goals, resolutions, and things I want to do in 2010 (updated 12/30/2010)

solid means goal/resolution/etc
strikethrough means complete
italics means in progress
***** means it is a private goal I am not willing to share with the world

Spend one hour in Adoration a month (12/12)
Make 10 family recipes (0/10)
Go to 12 restaurants I have never been to. (12/12)
a. Napoli’s – Denton (2/19/2010)

b. The Chestnut Tree – Denton (2/27/2010)
c. Mama Juanita’s – The Woodlands (3/11/2010)
d. Crabby Daddy – The Woodlands (3/12/2010)
e. Hinze’s BBQ – Sealy (3/12/2010)
f. Las Cucos  – Katy (3/14/2010)

g. Houston’s(Hilltop) (6/25/2010)
h. Ancient Ovens (7/16/2010)
i. Mellow Mushroom (7/24/2010)
j. Tierney’s Cafe (9/4/2010)
k. Sweet Basil (12/15/2010)
l. MoMo’s (12/28/2010)
Go to a winery/brewery (7/16/2010)
No fast food for an entire month
Plan meals for an entire month
Try 10 new recipes (2/10)

a. Slow-Cooker Lasanga (1/12/2010)
b. Chicken Tostadas with Sour Cream Dressing (1/28/2010)
Walk a 5K (4/11/2010)
For one month, make no purchases outside of gas, groceries and bills
Save all of my loose change for the year
Complete the 34 week online spiritual retreat
Read 5 books about my faith
Pray the rosary every day for a week
Go to 3 museums
Go to a concert – Blues at the Greenhouse (1/18/2010)
b. Lyle Mays and the One O’Clock Lab Band (2/25/2010)
c. Riverside Middle School Spring Orchestra Concert (5/11/2010)
Go to a high school play
Go to a musical
Go to Arts and Jazz Fest
Go to the Symphony
Go to the zoo
Go to Eisenhower’s birthplace
Travel somewhere outside of Texas
Visit 6 spots from RoadsideAmerica.com
Visit friends who don’t live in Dallas area
a. Kristin and Aaron Wegenka (3/12/2010 – 3/14/2010)
Visit my grandmother in Lubbock 3 times
a. 5/21/2010-5/23/2010
b. 9/17/2010 weekend
Attend a Mavericks game
Attend  a Rangers game – 4/25/2010, (6/27/2010)
Attend a Rough Riders game
Attend a Stars game
Attend an Air Hogs game 7/3/2010
, 7/17/2010
Complete family recipe book before 12/2010
Have a picnic
Host a dinner party
Host a game night
Host a theme party
Post all my photos to Flikr/Picasa/something online besides Facebook
Spend one whole weekend reading
Scan all of my grandmother’s pictures
Send out 10 cards, just because
Learn guitar
Learn Spanish


5 responses to “Goals in 2010

  1. nicole says:

    I will happily support you (join you) in fulfilling #10 and #11! David Crowder Band is playing the Super Pit at the end of January!

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  4. […] February 23, 2010 at 2:55 pm (2010 List) Goal #10 – Go to 12 restaurants I have never been to. […]

  5. […] February 23, 2010 at 2:55 pm (2010 List) Goal #10 – Go to 12 restaurants I have never been to. […]

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